Cat Fleas: Compare Cat Flea Medications and Other Flea Treatment
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Compare Flea & Tick Products for Cats

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Compare! Drs. Foster & Smith Fiprotrol™ Plus Advantage® II FiproGuard™ Frontline Plus® Capstar Sentry Capguard™
Kills Adult Fleas Yes Yes Yes Yes Yesfor 24 hrs. Yesfor 24 hrs.
Repels Adult Fleas No No No No No No
Kills Eggs & Larvae Yes Yes No Yes No No
Controls FleaDevelopment Yes Yes No Yes No No
Repels & Kills Ticks (Lyme Disease vectors) Kills Only No Kills Only Kills Only No No
Repels & Kills Mosquitoes(Heartworm, West Nile Virus vectors) No No No No No No
Administration Topical Topical Topical Topical Oral Pill Oral Pill
TreatmentDosage Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly One-Time One-Time
Minimum Age For Cats8 wks& older& 1.5 lbsor more For Cats8 wks& older For Cats over 8 wks For Cats8 wks& older For Cats4 wks & over& 2 lbs.or more For Cats4 wks & over& 2 lbs.or more
Active Ingredients Fipronil & (S)-methoprene Imidacloprid & pyriproxyfen Fipronil Fipronil & (S)-methoprene Nitenpyram Nitenpyram

Additional charges for an office visit frequently apply if you purchase from your veterinarian. Advantage® is a registered trademark of the Bayer Corp. Frontline Plus® is a registered trademarks of Merial.

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