Bird Flight Cage & Aviary Bar Spacing Recommendations
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Cage Bar Spacing Guide

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Finding the perfect flight cage is easy when you know the recommended bar spacing for your species. Proper spacing ensures your bird stays safely inside her cage and isn't able to wedge a wing or head partially through.

Small Birds: Finch, Canary, Parrotlet, Parakeet, LovebirdRecommended bar spacing: No more than 1/2"
Medium Birds: Cockatiel, Conure, Lory, SenegalRecommended bar spacing: 1/2" to no more than 7/8"
Large Birds: African Grey, Amazon, Macaw, CockatooRecommended bar spacing: 3/4" to no more than 1-3/8"

Look for the bar spacing symbol near each cage. Shop for your perfect cage using the bar spacing guide below.

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