Does Your Bird Need More Sleep?
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Rest for your weary bird

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rest for your weary bird

Ensure your bird rests easy.

Birds require close to 12 hours of sleep per night. A separate sleep cage allows her to get the rest she needs and may even help you bond with a new pet.

Is your bird's main cage in a loud area, such as the family room?
If so, consider a separate sleep cage in a quieter area.

The ancestors of most of our pet birds hail from equatorial areas where daylight and night are about equal lengths. Your bird needs close to a full 12 hours of sleep to thrive.

A sleep cage may also help you bond with a new bird. Put a sleep cage in your bedroom so your new bird can get used to you.

No need to buy a large cage for sleep. A sleep cage can be a smaller version of your bird’s everyday cage since it does not need room for toys or many accessories.

We suggest you:

  • Offer a source of warmth, like a Snuggle-Up Bird Warmer to help your bird use less energy to keep herself warm in air conditioning or cold weather.

  • Place something cuddly, such as a Cozy Corner over a perch in the cage to give your bird a place to snuggle into, for a little luxury.

  • Provide at least two types of perches for foot comfort, such as a Sisal Rope Perch and a Manzanita Superoost, two footrests that are great for feet. A variety of perches is vital for your bird’s foot health.

  • Address your bird’s love of movement. The Triangle Rocker, is a soft rope perch that sways gently like a branch your bird might sleep on in the wild.

A small cage placed in a quiet spot, with a few comforts, helps you and your bird get some needed relaxation, which can reduce stress and lead to a happier life overall.

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