Feeding Wild Birds: Happy Squirrels Make a Happy Backyard
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Why & How to Attract Squirrels

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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SQUIRRELS: our backyard benefactor
Squirrels are a pesky, yet valuable part of our backyard community. We see them so frequently that they are often taken for granted and thought of as a nuisance. However, take a few minutes to watch these bold creatures and you will see an up close view of the habits of the natural world.

Gray SquirrelHow to attract them
One of the easiest ways to attract these fun and furry animals is to offer them a variety of food. Squirrels are especially fond of corn, sunflower seeds, and nuts and will readily eat at feeders containing these delectable treats. If your squirrels have grown accustomed to sunflower seed from your bird feeder, try mixing some into their squirrel food until they get used to their own feeding station. Since squirrels tend to scare songbirds away, it's a good idea to feed squirrels in a squirrel-specific feeder away from songbird feeders.

Remember, squirrels are extremely smart and are only doing what comes naturally to them - foraging for food. If we take a moment to observe these interesting animals, we have the opportunity to learn much about nature and animal behavior.

Squirrels as gardeners
Known for gathering and hoarding seeds and nuts, squirrels are an important propagator of seed throughout the world. Over the years many acorns, pinecones, hickory nuts and more have been buried, then forgotten, only to become saplings later.

Squirrel's Delight 2 Feeder We Recommend
The Squirrel Feeder Munch Box offers a large platform and an enclosed lid to keep food dry. The Adirondack Chair Feeder keeps squirrels well fed and keeps you entertained. The Squirrel's Delight 2 Feeder is an attractive chew-resistant feeder that is great to fill with peanuts. Our Squirrel Food is a delicious mix of seeds and nuts fortified with vitamins and minerals.

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