What bird seed do most wild birds like?
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Bring In a Variety With Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Voted Most Popular Seed

Feed quality "oilers" and they will come

Black oil sunflower seeds, also known as "oilers," are a perennial favorite of most backyard species. Why? They have super-soft shells that are easy to open so birds can enjoy the bounty of high-fat goodness they need on their migrating journey, at nesting times, and at other times of the year. Oilers are a boon to overwintering species as well, as they need the extra energy these seeds give them.

All oilers are not created equal

Bargain brands often have twigs or unidentifiable bits throughout. This is waste that birds don't eat. Our heat-sealed bag of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds smells fresh and is triple-cleaned, so all you get is a cascade of shiny black seeds. You'll notice the difference, too, when more birds visit your feeders.

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