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All-in-One Cat Scratcher

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All-in-One Cat Scratcher
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Cat scratcher protects your carpeting, furniture, walls, & doors!
2 ways to use: placed on floor or mounted on the wall
Rubber feet prevent sliding - durable construction outlasts other models

Use this cat scratcher vertically or horizontally – whichever your cat prefers! Wood-framed scratch post stays safely in place on the floor with 4 rubber feet to prevent sliding. For vertical set-up, use hardware (included) to mount this item vertically on a wall. Wrapped with tightly-woven sisal for a long life of happy scratching. No assembly required. 7" x 24-3/4".

Please click on "More Information" for tips on placing your cat scratcher.

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Training Tips

  1. Place the scratcher in a room where your cat spends a lot of time. Cats often like to stretch and scratch when they wake up from a nap.
  2. To introduce the scratcher to your cat, try using catnip as a lure. (For most cats, a lure is unnecessary, but it adds to the fun.) Rub catnip onto the sisal material and call your cat over to the post.
  3. Scratch your nails along the surface of the material. This will attract your cat and, at the same time, teach him where to scratch.
  4. After your cat begins to scratch, praise him and give him a food treat. (Small kittens can be trained to climb the scratcher by showing them food treats and placing a treat at the top of the post.)

If your cat has already been scratching a piece of furniture, place the scratcher directly in front of it. This will help redirect your cat's scratching activities to the new scratcher.

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