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Sky Climber for Cats

Sky Climber for Cats
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Wall perch lets cats climb, scratch, and perch!
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Wall mounted perch gives cats vertical territory and climbing fun
Includes a durable sisal scratch post to invite scratching and stretching
Elevated platform attaches quickly and securely at any level that suits your cat

Cats love vertical territory and Sky Climber gives them the elevated "lookout" they seek. Lets your cat jump to an acceptable resting perch where she can nap or just survey her home territory. Wall-mounted perch features rugged wood construction, a sisal scratch post, and a carpeted platform. Stands up to even the most boisterous cat play. Assembles in minutes (tools included). The spacious carpeted perch measures 17" x 8.5" x 1" thick. Easy-install bracket and detailed assembly instructions included. Install several Sky Climbers, at various heights, to create a wall-mounted haven for your cat to perch, climb, scratch or nap. Sky Climber measures 17" wide x 16" high x 8.5" deep. Weight limit of 35 lbs.

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Scratching Solutions
Smart and caring cat owners know that claws are very important to cats. Claws give cats a sense of security, knowing that their defense system is intact. They also allow cats to grasp and hold objects, as well as establish footing for walking, running, springing, climbing and stretching. Smart Cat scratching products like Sky Climber are designed to maximize your cat's scratching pleasure by providing an appealing target for territorial marking, exercise, and a playful warm-up. By regularly trimming your cat's nails and offering a suitable scratching surface, you are providing a natural outlet for a normal, happy and healthy behavior and you will be rewarded with a satisfied and confident feline companion.
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