Cat Furniture: Trixie Alicante Scratching Post
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Trixie Alicante Scratching Post

Trixie Alicante Scratching Post
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Multilevel cat scratcher and condo with soft, plush-covered platforms
Posts wrapped in natural sisal offer cats ample scratching surfaces
Cozy fleece-lined condo offers cats a comfortable retreat after playtime

Multilevel scratcher with perch and condo at an exceptional value! Trixie Alicante Scratching Post is priced right to keep kitty and your wallet happy. Whether its playtime or bedtime, this all-in-one cat furniture delivers with ample scratching surfaces and super cozy plush-covered platforms. Compact footprint occupies minimal floor space while maximizing usable vertical space cats crave.

At 55-3/4" high, the Trixie Alicante Scratching Post affords grand views for your kitty. Fleece-line condo with "peek-a-boo" opening does double duty as a kitty club house during play or a cozy retreat after a rewarding play session. Great for multiple cat households or for that one very special feline friend. Basic assembly required.

When assembled, the overall dimensions of the Trixie Alicante Scratching Post measures approximately 29-1/2" x 17-1/2" x 55-3/4" high.

Please select Beige or Dark Gray.

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Cleaning Instructions
Vacuum the Trixie Alicante Scratching Post periodically to remove pet hair and debris. For the sisal, brush or vacuum only. Do not use liquids to clean. When plush is soiled, spot clean only. Use soapy water solution or a pet-formulated spot/stain remover such as OdorLogic® CleanAway (item #22032). Spray CleanAway directly onto the spot or stain, and allow its enzymes and "good bacteria" to go to work until the spot is gone permanently. CleanAway also removes all traces of pet odors, to keep cat furniture smelling fresh.
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