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Forte Cat Scratcher

Forte Cat Scratcher
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Towers over 3 ft high for large cats or multiple-cat homes
Ultra-soft brown faux fur with sisal-wrapped post
Extra-sturdy climber lets kitties play safely and securely

You'll love the oversized base on this scratcher - especially because it's covered in luxurious faux fur. Most other scratcher posts are 3" or 4" in diameter; this one is 6". This extra width of the post helps boost the overall stability of the unit. The sisal provides a safe outlet for your cat's instinctual scratching behavior while keeping claws trim and conditioned. Large size makes it great for multiple-cat homes, or your rough-and-tumble one and only. Minor assembly required. Brown faux fur and sisal. 19" x 19" x 41" high; 6" dia post.

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Caring for your Forte Cat Scratcher
This scratcher can be vacuumed periodically to remove pet hair and debris. For the sisal, brush or vacuum only. Do not use liquids to clean. When faux fur base is soiled, spot clean only. Use soapy water solution or a pet-formulated spot/stain remover such as OdorLogic® CleanAway (item #22032). Spray CleanAway directly onto the spot or stain, and allow its enzymes and "good bacteria" to go to work until the spot is gone permanently. It also removes all traces of pet odors, to keep the scratcher smelling fresh.

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