Murcia Scratching Post for Cats by Trixie Pet
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Murcia Scratching Post for Cats

Murcia Scratching Post for Cats
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Cheese wedge-shaped condo is covered and lined with luxurious plush
Scratching post is wrapped in natural sisal to keep claws conditioned
Rotating teaser toy offers cats bat-and-swat fun

Shaped like a wedge of Swiss cheese, this zany condo and cat scratcher offers BIG enjoyment in a small package. The base is covered and lined with dark gray plush. It offers a cozy hideout with roomy entrance and peek-a-boo holes. The 17" scratch post atop the unit is covered in natural sisal to provide an irresistible scratching experience. A teaser toy on string is mounted from a rotating arm that swings around the sisal post to deliver multi-directional batting/swatting fun. Gives kitty a play center and cozy retreat all in one! EPDM base. Triangle base measures 18" x 18" (25" diagonal) and stands 28" high. Dark Gray. Minimal assembly: simply turn the sisal post onto the base.

Entrance hole: 5.5" wide x 5.5" high
Peek-a-boo holes: range from 2" dia to 4" dia
Sisal post: 2.75" dia x 17" long
Teaser toy: 2" dia
Condo dimensions: 18" x 18" (25" diagonal) x 9" high

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Caring for your Murcia Scratching Post
For the sisal, brush or vacuum only. Do not use liquids to clean. When the plush is soiled, spot clean only. Use a soapy water solution or a pet-formulated spot/stain remover such as OdorLogic®CleanAway. Spray CleanAway directly onto the spot or stain, and allow its enzymes and "good bacteria" to go to work until the spot is gone permanently. It also removes all traces of pet odors, to keep your unit smelling fresh.

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