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Sauder Cat Scratcher Mini

Sauder Cat Scratcher Mini
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Let kitty scratch, hide, and perch
Features a corrugate tunnel for multiple-side scratching
Durable MDF frame reinforces the design

Deliver multiple scratching surfaces with the Sauder Cat Scratcher Mini. It features a corrugated cube that's been reinforced with espresso-finished MDF. You cat can scratch on the base, on the interior and exterior walls, and even on the top platform. It's all made with corrugated cardboard.

The perfect height for window-watching cats, this unit is ideal for scratching, hiding and perching. Measures 12" x 11.75" x 18.75" high.

Look for cat furniture designs that include multiple features to satisfy scratching, climbing, perching, and privacy needs. Most have comfortable, durable carpeting in a range of colors to coordinate with your home décor.
Looking for ways to encourage your cat's instincts and challenge his abilities? Cat furniture is the simple way to give your cat what he wants and needs.
Is your cat mesmerized by the world outside? Does he run to the window every time a bird flies to the feeder? Use these proven methods to give your cat the view he craves.
Is your cat a fearless mountain lion? Or is he a part-time adventurer? Either way, we've got the solution to offering him the furniture he needs to climb to his heart's content.
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