Cat Harness: Figure 8 Cat Harness
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Figure 8 Cat Harness and Lead

Figure 8 Cat Harness
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Cat can't get out
Provides safety and comfort
Completely adjustable

Guaranteed snag-proof nylon harness with lockweave holes make it adjustable. To determine the correct size, measure around the cat's chest (just behind his/her front legs) and add 2" to 3".

If you leash your cat when you're outside, a Figure 8 (3/8" wide) cat harness is a must. Many cats can quickly and easily figure out how to get out of just a collar if they resist the control of a leash. A cat harness adjusts to your cat's movements and prevents possible choking that can occur when just a collar is used with a leash. Available in Black, Blue, or Pink (Neon) and in sizes 14", 16", or 18". Please specify color and size.

Matching 4 ft Lead is 3/8" wide - ideal for trips outdoors. This lead also matches the Solid Safety Collar (item 4083) if you prefer to use it with a breakaway collar instead of a harness. Available in Black, Blue, or Pink (Neon).

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More Info
Figure 8 Harness Unfasten buckle, gently slip the small loop around your cat's neck. Make sure the metal D-ring is on top of your cat instead of under the belly. Adjust the harness so it feels snug around the neck, with just enough slack to slip one finger between the harness and your cat. Next, fit the large loop around your cat's torso just behind the front legs and buckle so that you can fit one finger between the harness and your cat. Now, gently see if you can push your cat's elbow back through the harness, if so, it needs to be tightened. The harness should be snug but not so tight that it restricts movement.

Important Safety Information

  1. Use only for walking your cat or for supervised balcony tie-outs. When used for a supervised balcony tie-out, be sure to secure the leash a safe distance away from the railing. Also, clear the area of any furniture and any other objects that may entangle your cat.
  2. Never leave a Figure 8 harness on a cat that is free to roam (either inside or outside).
  3. Never use as an outdoor tie-out or in any other unsupervised situation.
  4. Before walking your cat or a supervised tie-out, fit the harness as recommended above, and spend some quality time with your cat to get him accustomed to wearing the harness.
Ratings & Reviews
A good fitting harness is an invaluable tool for maintaining control when walking or exercising your cat.
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