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Kool Kat Safety Stretch Cat Collars

Kool Kat Safety Stretch Cat Collars
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All-elastic, stretchy woven nylon collars outfit your cat in safety and convenience
Stretch Weave design helps release collar from your cat's neck should she get caught in or on an object
3/8" thick, buckle-anywhere Safety Stretch Cat Collars adjust endlessly to fit any size neck

Stretchy safety for your fabulous feline! All-elastic, Stretch Weave nylon Kool Kat Safety Stretch Cat Collars stretch from end to end, allowing collar to slide off your cat easily, should the need arise. You won't find any buckle holes, because you can buckle the collar anywhere on its length to fit your unique cat. Kool Kat Safety Stretch Cat Collars measure 3/8" thick and include silver-tone metal buckles and a small 7/16" dia sound-locator bell.

Cats need durable collars just as much as dogs do - especially if your cat loves frolicking in the outdoors. A collar can hold identification, reflect headlights, or hold a small bell for sound location. The best collars should incorporate some - if not all - safety features. Plus, with the safe, Stretch Weave design, if your cat should become entangled in the branches of a tree or caught while jumping a fence, the collar stretches to slide off your cat so she can come home to you.

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More Info
Using your cat collar
Simply fit the collar around your cat's neck. The collar should be snug enough to be secure, but loose enough to not restrict or hinder breathing, eating, or drinking.

Cleaning your Cat Collar
Machine-wash collar in cold water as needed. We suggest buckling collar and placing it in a small, mesh garment bag before washing. Let collar air dry completely before replacing it on your cat.

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