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Camouflage Pattern Cat Collar by Leather Brothers

Camouflage Pattern Cat Collar by Leather Brothers
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3/8" wide cat collars feature a safety escape buckle
Bell is included on collar
Camouflage collar is adjustable for 8"-14" necks

Your kitty will look purr-fectly stylish sporting this camo cat collar. Soft to the touch yet durable, these economical cat collars are made from durable nylon. Each features a bell and offers the breakaway feature to protect your cat from entanglement. 3/8" wide. Fits necks 8"- 14". Not to be used with a tie-out.

Please specify color: Blue or Pink.

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A collar with nametag can save your pet's life. For your sake and the safety of your cat, make sure you have an up-to-date nametag on every cat collar you own. Cats have been known to escape from cars and carriers (as well as their owners' arms), so do not let your cat out of the house without his collar on. It could save your family from a painful experience and save your cat's life.

Take a few seconds occasionally to make sure your cat's nametag is up to date, and just as importantly, readable. Engraving on aluminum tags does not last forever, and important contact information may not be legible if you have not replaced the tag for awhile.

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