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Drs. Foster & Smith Classic Exercise Pens

Drs. Foster & Smith Classic Exercise Pens
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TOUGH, take-anywhere exercise pen keeps your dog safe indoors or out
Durable all-steel wire dog exercise pen easily folds out, folds up, and stores flat
Combine 2 or more exercise pens for a larger exercise and play area

Our economical Classic Exercise Pen gives your dog a safe place to play, while providing a sturdy, all-steel barrier on your lawn or in your home. Super-convenient walk-through door boosts your dog's security with slide-lock bolts. Easily combine 2 or more pens for a larger exercise area. Or, surround the entrance to your dog's crate with an exercise pen to add a spacious play/rest area.

Exercise pen features 6- and 9-gauge wire with 1.5" x 4-5/8" spacing. Easily set up your dog's pen in a variety of shapes - eight 2-ft wide panels let you create a 4 ft x 4 ft square, 6 ft x 2 ft rectangle, or 5 ft dia circle. These strong exercise pens include a convenient carry handle and 2 nickel snaps. Silver zinc electroplate finish.

24" W x 24" H
21 lbs.
24" W x 30" H
25 lbs.
24" W x 36" H
30 lbs.
24" W x 42" H
34 lbs.
24" W x 48" H
39 lbs.

Cage accessories also available.

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More Info
All dogs need plenty of fresh air and exercise. The exercise pen allows your pet the freedom to be outside while still being contained in a safe environment.

This versatile exercise pen can be used inside or outside. Fast, simple setup lets you change locations from house to yard in minutes. Easily shape/configure exercise pen to accommodate virtually any area. Combine 2 or more pens to create larger exercise/recreation areas for your pet.

Please note: The exercise pen may rust in humid or wet conditions. Not recommended to be left outside permanently. Also, for safety, please remove all collars and leashes from your dog before allowing him to enter the exercise pen.

Set Up:
Stand exercise pen on end with nameplate at the top. Spread/pull out panels to form your preferred pen shape (square, rectangle, or circle). You may also arrange pen panels into a straight line to create a temporary fence/barrier.

To Fold Up:
Fold/collapse panels into a stack. Secure panels with attached hook. Exercise pen is now ready for storage or easy transport with included handle.

Cleaning instructions:
Do not use harsh detergents or abrasives. This product has a long-lasting finish to protect from rust and to resist soiling. To clean, use mild, soapy water and a sponge or soft cloth to wipe away stains. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

To prevent excessive wear or damage to floors when using pen indoors, you may wish to place a protective tarp or mat underneath exercise pen.

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As every pet owner knows, certain times and situations require that you safely contain your pet. Choosing the right product for your pet and your needs helps ensure your pet's safety and well-being when contained.
As every pet owner knows, certain times and situations require that you safely contain your pet. Containment products are often used for the following purposes.
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