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Compass Kennels

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Compass Kennels
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Lightweight, hard-sided crates provide roomy, airy home containment for your pet
360-degree ventilation and visibility enhance your pet's travel experience
Polypropylene kennels feature oversized entrance, dual rotary door locks, 2-way door, and more

Compass Kennels offer roomy, airy home containment for your pet. These lightweight, hard-sided crates safely contain your pet on the road and at home. Plus, Compass Kennels allow 360-degree ventilation and visibility, so your pet can comfortably see and experience more throughout all of your adventures.

Extremely durable polypropylene construction and a host of convenience-enhancing features make Compass Kennels a smart choice for travel safety. The oversized front entrance lets you easily load and unload your pet. Plus, 2 pet-proof rotary door locks and door safeguard bars maximize your pet's security. The chrome wire door opens to the left or right to accommodate any situation or location.

Compass Kennels feature quick Slide 'N Go assembly. All sizes have a black base and white top. Petite (83939) and Small (83940) sizes have handles for easy carrying.

For Pets
up to:
19" x 12.5" x 11.5" high
3 lbs
10 lbs
24" x 16.5" x 15" high
4 lbs
10-20 lbs
28" x 20" x 19" high
10 lbs
20-30 lbs
32" x 21" x 23" high
14 lbs
30-50 lbs
36" x 23" x 26.5" high
18 lbs
50-70 lbs
40" x 26" x 29.5" high
25 lbs
70-90 lbs

Double Water Cup sold separately.

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More Info
Canines have a definite instinct to hide out in dens. If they do not have one available, they will "make their own." We frequently see our dogs under desks, the dining room table, or even under Grandma's Chippendale buffet, if they can fit. What this behavior is all about is a canine's natural desire to have a place he can call his own. The dog will often seek out this refuge when he is tired, stressed, or just wants to be away from it all.

Reasons to Purchase a Compass Kennel:
Housebreaking: It is a dog's natural inclination toward dens that makes the Compass Kennel so useful to housetrain puppies. Since puppies will not normally soil an appropriately sized den, Compass Kennels are extremely effective for helping puppies gain control over their bladders. They help reduce the number of accidents you will have to clean up, and cut in half the time it takes to teach puppies where they are supposed to relieve themselves. When it comes to housebreaking a new puppy, there is nothing that makes the training go faster or easier than a Compass Kennel. The right-size Compass Kennel is one in which your pet can lie down, turn around, and have three to four inches of extra head space when sitting or standing. While the right-sized Compass Kennel may seem too confining or too small to you, it isn't for your dog. With the correct-size Compass Kennel, housebreaking is often completed in 10 to 14 days.

Protecting Your Pet: Compass Kennels can keep puppies from forming bad habits when they are not under a watchful eye. A Compass Kennel can prevent all types of disaster from happening. It can also prevent the young, unsupervised animal from hurting himself by chewing electric cords or becoming ill from something he ate during his escapade. As an adult, the Compass Kennel will be just as useful. If puppies are introduced to a Compass Kennel correctly, they will not resent them and most will actually consider them their private hideaway spot. This quiet den-like refuge is good for high-activity households, particularly those with young children. Many people have a Compass Kennel available for their dog and leave it open, so he has his own place to go. To him it is not a cage but rather an indoor doghouse where he feels secure.

Protecting Your House: Having your young or untrained dog in a Compass Kennel may protect your house from dog-related destruction while you are away or are unable to watch him. Compass Kennels are useful during the puppy period as a way to protect your home from the mad dashes that knock over plants and furniture, chewing teeth, and generally uncontrollable behavior.

Traveling: When traveling with your pet, a Compass Kennel in your car can protect both your pet and the driver from being disturbed. Traveling with pets, be they puppies or adults, is safer and easier when you use a Compass Kennel to control them.

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