Crystal Line Collar and Nappa Petite Lead
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Crystal Line Nappa Petite Leads

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Crystal Line Nappa Petite Leads
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Color: Pink
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Nappa Petite Leads, double-thick Nappa leather with a nickel swivel clip. Leads are 4.5 ft long x 3/8" wide.

Please select color: Black, Pink (lead only).

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Caring for your Collar or Lead
If the collar or lead is soiled, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid excessive rubbing and do not saturate the leather with water. We also recommend you try a product that has been made especially for leather, like Leather New, if spot cleaning does not work.

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Dog Collar Selection Guide: There are many styles of dog collars to choose from depending on your dog's size, disposition, and your training need.
Introducing your dog to a lead early teaches obedience and will enable both of you to enjoy many outdoor activites together and be out and among people.
Field training aids include collars with up-to-date identification, leads, and check cords. Brightly colored collars help you locate and distinguish between more than one hunting dog while in the field.
Not only are collars indispensable for maintaining control when walking and exercising dog, but they also are very useful for establishing identification and ownership should your pet become lost.
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