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Drs. Foster & Smith Woven Jacquard Corner Bed

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Drs. Foster & Smith Woven Jacquard Corner Bed
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Unique angled bolster designed for placement in a corner or against a wall
Textured fleece sleeping area bordered with woven jacquard enables superior slumber
Luxurious dog bed includes baffled liner overstuffed with our MiracleLoft® polyfil
Woven Jacquard Corner Bed features machine-washable zippered cover and more

Ever wished you could just tuck your dog's bed into a corner and out of the way? With our Woven Jacquard Corner Bed, you can! This smartly designed dog bed features a unique angled bolster design perfect for corner placement. It's also ideal against a wall in tight quarters.

Your dog will happily drift to dreamland atop a super-soft textured fleece sleeping area bordered with stylish woven jacquard fabric. Plus, our MiracleLoft polyfil overstuffed into the bolster and sleeping surface make your dog feel like he's napping on a cloud. Baffling in the sleeping surface liner helps keep polyfil from shifting and clumping, giving your dog consistently even, lump-free comfort.

The Woven Jacquard Corner Bed is also packed with features that ensure its longevity and easy care. The zippered cover and zippered liners remove for machine-washing when needed. A non-slip bottom keeps the bed in its proper place. And a hidden zipper protects your floor while deterring curious dogs from chewing on it.

Colors available: Granite, Harvest, and Tobacco.

Woven Jacquard
Corner Bed
25" dia. x 12" bolster high
(6" high sleeping area)
31" dia. x 14" bolster high
(7" high sleeping area)

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How to measure your dog for a bedHow to Measure Your Dog for a Bed: First measure the area covered while your dog is lying down, then add 12". Or view our handy breed size bed chart here >

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More Info
Care and Cleaning
Unzip this bed's bolster and base to remove the liners before machine-washing the cover. Use regular washing detergent. We recommend washing the liners only when needed. Use cold or lukewarm water, as well as a gentler washing cycle. Be sure to equalize the load in your washer, especially if the cover is large; sopping wet covers can become so heavy that they may unbalance your washer. To dry the cover, tumble dry on low heat or line dry (recommended for darker colors). Line dry liners.

"Every dog should have a bed--for warmth, comfort, and the security of having a place of his or her own."

Dogs tend to select couches, chairs, or beds as a place to rest or sleep. They prefer the comfort and warmth these items of furniture offer compared to a hard floor. Dog beds provide the same comfort benefits and they keep pets off furniture - an important consideration for many pet owners who prefer to keep their furniture free from pet hair. A bed introduced at an early age, reinforced with consistent training, will keep your pet off your furniture for his or her entire life.

Where you place your dog's bed is entirely up to you and your dog. Just remember it is his or her resting place so it's best not to place it in a high traffic area of your home. Many pet owners place their pet's bed in their cage or crate once he or she is house trained, while others prefer a location near where they spend much of their time so their companion is always nearby. We offer a wide selection of styles and color choices that enable you to choose a bed and changeable cover that complements your decor.

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Use this Dog Bed Selection Guide to choose the best dog bed for your dog. The best, comfortable bed is a matter of a dog's personality & bed quality.
Dog beds by Drs. Foster & Smith offer the finest quality and construction. See the dog bed difference today!
Use this Dog Bed Selection Guide to choose the best dog bed for your dog. The best, comfortable bed is a matter of a dog's personality & bed quality.
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