Drs. Foster & Smith Original Classic Piddle Pads®
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Drs. Foster & Smith Original Classic Piddle Pads®

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Drs. Foster & Smith Original Classic Piddle Pads®
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ABSORBS 50% FASTER than our competition
Absorbs many times its weight in moisture
Fights odors all day!
Infused with an attractant that entices dogs to "go here"
Features leak-proof backing to prevent fluid run-off

Made in the USA

Drs. Foster & Smith Original Classic Piddle Pads offer top-of-the-line protection for dogs who need extra absorbency or for multiple-dog households. These fast-absorbing puppy training pads and potty training pads feature multiple layers of protection including a non-splattering, moisture-wicking top sheet. They also include a leak-proof backing to protect floors, and extra-heavy absorbent core, and a super-absorbent premium polymer additive that absorbs many times its weight in moisture.

Drs. Foster & Smith Original Classic Piddle Pads are ideal for busy households or during inclement weather as a temporary indoor alternative for outside dogs. You can also use these handy housetraining pads around the cat litter box area to absorb "misses." Each pad measures 22" x 23". Fits Regular Protection Tray.

Housetraining your puppy? Training Champ for Dogs also available.

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Dog & Puppy Housetraining
Your new puppy is home and you've started the housebreaking process. This is the most important training your pup will receive. Mistakes that occur with housebreaking can cause more problems between you and your pet than those encountered with any other form of training. Be patient and stay calm.

Housebreaking Rule Number One: This is the most important rule. If you don't catch your puppy doing it, then don't punish him for it!

Housebreaking Rule Number Two: Praise your puppy when things go right. Don't let this be a situation where your only action is saying "No" when he is caught in the midst of using the wrong area. If he does it right let him know!

Put down pretreated Drs. Foster & Smith Smart Saver Piddle Pads, encouraging him to use these areas for eliminating. The pads are scented with a chemical that attracts the puppy to use them. Whenever you see him starting into his "pre-potty pattern," such as walking around and sniffing the floor, gently pick him up and carry him over to the pad. Praise him when he eliminates.

When all goes well and he is using the pads consistently, either move the pads closer to the door and/or place another set outside. Make the transition from concentrating the toilet habits to one spot inside the home to one spot outside the home. Finally, eliminate the inside pads when they are no longer needed..

Piddle Pads are also good for sick or older dogs that need to eliminate more often, and pets recovering from surgery.

Ratings & Reviews
Housetraining your new puppy involves a little patience and encouragment from you to use the piddle pads in a designated area indoors, or outside in an area you have chosen for him/her to relieve themselves.
A housetraining checklist should include items needed for training your pup to go potty indoors or outdoors in designated areas and training motivators like treats for rewards.
Dogs living in the city without the convenience of outdoor yards can be housetrained to 'do their business' indoors in a designated area with products like Piddle Pads® or a 'potty box' and odor eliminators.
Frequently asked questions about housetraining your puppy and preventing accidents are answered.
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