Pet Gates: Extra Wide Walk-Thru Pet Pressure Gate
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Extra Wide Walk-Thru Pet Pressure Gate

Extra Wide Walk-Thru Pet Pressure Gate
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NEW and IMPROVED! Gate now features a small door to allow smaller pets like cats to pass through
Durable steel pet gate at a great bargain price
Easy-to-install, screw in pressure mounted pet gate with safety latch
Expandable pet gate accommodates wider openings

Heavy-duty steel pet gate withstands tough chewers at a great bargain price. Durable screw in pressure mounted gate stays firmly in place. Protective wall cups with screw in pressure mounts secure gate. A 17" x 30" high swinging door with easy-lift locking handle opens one way. Small door in door (7.5" x 10" high) allows smaller pets like cats to pass through. Includes one 6" x 30" high and one 12" x 30" high extension to accommodate openings 29" to 52" wide. 2.5" - 2.75" bar spacing. 4.5" long adjustable pressure mounts. Extra extension panels sold separately for wider openings. Please specify color: White, Black, or Platinum.

Please click on "More Information" for assembly and installation instructions.

More Info
Assembly and Installation Instructions
Pre-Installation: Please check to see all parts are present before assembly.


  • Extra Wide Walk-Thru Gate Assembly
  • 4 Threaded Spindle Rods
  • 4 Hand Wheels
  • 4 Wall Cups
  • 4 Attachment Screws
NOTE: The 4 Wall Cups MUST be used with this Extra Wide Walk-Thru Gate. If not, the Gate may come dislodged from the opening.

Gate Assembly
Screw each Hand Wheel onto a Threaded Spindle Rod with the hollow side of the Hand Wheel facing away from the white pad on the end of the Spindle.

Insert the assembled Threaded Spindle Rods and Hand Wheels into the appropriate holes in the plastic end plugs at the top and bottom of the Gate. NOTE: Plastic plugs are NOT threaded. They are only guides for the Threaded Spindle Rods.

Gate Installation
Select the proper location prior to installation. Place the Gate in the selected opening where the Gate is to be located. In narrow entryways, it may be necessary to squeeze together the top part of the frame to fit the Gate in the opening.

Place a Wall Cup over each Spindle Rod. Turn the bottom Hand Wheel to extend the adjustable Spindle Rod until the base is held firmly in position. Continue tightening the Hand Wheel until the gaps on either side of the Gate are as even as possible.

Turn the top Hand Wheels to extend the adjustable Spindle Rod. Continue turning the Hand Wheels to reduce the gap between the handle and the side rails. The Gate is properly positioned when the gap between the handle and the side rails is approximately 1/16".

Important: It is essential to position the Gate as vertical as possible so that the Gate can close and lock properly before marking the position of the Wall Cups. Adjust or reposition as needed.

Securing the Gate in Place
Once the ideal location and proper position have been determined, mark the position of the Wall Cups. Use a pencil to trace around the Wall Cups and remove Gate once this is done. NOTE: If installing the Gate in a doorway, make sure the Wall Cups do not interfere with the closing of the door.

Using the Attachment Screws provided, secure the Wall Cups in their marked position. The Attachment Screws are suitable for a minimum wood thickness of 3/4". For all other surfaces, use an appropriate, secure method of attaching the Wall Cups.

Replace the Gate inside the attached Wall Cups. Turn the bottom Hand Wheels until the base is firmly held into position. Once again, make sure the gaps on either side of the Gate are as evenly spaced as possible.

Turn the top Hand Wheels towards the Gate frame until the gap between the handle and the side rails is about 1/16". Do not over-tighten since it may prevent the locking mechanisms from functioning.

Once installed, make sure the Gate is properly installed and secure.

Using the Gate:
To Open: Slide the Safety Catch over and lift the handle to swing the Gate open.
To Close: Close the Gate firmly and press the handle down until the Safety Catch "clicks" into place.

Gate Extension Assembly Instructions

  1. Assemble the Gate per Gate Instructions
  2. Choose the side of the Gate to be extended and remove the top and bottom adjustable Spindle Rods and Hand Wheels.
  3. Connect the extension panel onto the Gate Assembly.
  4. Reposition the Gate and secure in place in accordance with the Gate installation instructions.
NOTE: Never use more than two extensions per Gate. It is preferable to install the Extension Panels on the hinged side of the Gate.

Installation Tips (Supplement to Instructions)
Step 1:
Begin by locating the 4 Threaded Spindle Rods and turn the adjustable Hand Wheels "clockwise" until they are almost against the flat plastic end of the Threaded Spindle Rods. NOTE: Do not tighten the Hand Wheels firmly against the flat plastic end of the Threaded Spindle Rods. Please leave a small gap.

Step 2:
Next, insert the Threaded Spindle Rods into the plastic fittings at the ends of the Gate frame tubes*. This may require a slight push to get the Threaded Spindle Rod all the way into the fitting. Push the Threaded Spindle Rods all the way in until the adjustable Hand Wheels are against the frame. *NOTE: The plastic fittings inserted at the ends of the Gate frame tubes are NOT threaded. These fitting are only for guiding the Threaded Spindle Rods.

Step 3:
Once the mounting Wall Cups are affixed to the entryway according to the instructions, you are now ready to place your Gate in the entryway and secure it. Begin this process by aligning the flat plastic ends of the Threaded Spindle Rods into the 4 mounting Wall Cups and loosely adjust each corner.

Step 4:
Secure the Gate by turning the adjustable Hand Wheels on the Threaded Spindle Rods "counterclockwise" until the flat plastic ends of the Threaded Spindle Rods are firmly engaged on the Wall Cups. Secure the bottom of the Gate first. It is important to adjust each side evenly.

Step 5:
Adjusting the top of the Gate*. Adjust the left and right adjustable Hand Wheels evenly until the Gate frame is engaged in the door latching mechanism. When properly adjusted, there should be a gap of approximately 1/16" between the surface of the latching mechanism and the Gate frame tube. *Please note that the gap between the Gate frame and the Gate door latching mechanism is normal. This is not a defect. This gap will be eliminated as you tighten the top adjustable Hand Wheels.

Helpful Hint: Occasionally, while turning the adjustable Hand Wheel, the flat plastic end of the Threaded Spindle Rod will start turning inside the Wall Cup. If this occurs, simply take a flat-ended screwdriver and press it against the flat plastic end of the Threaded Spindle Rod while turning the adjustable Hand Wheel.

To prevent serious injury or death, securely install Gate and use Gate according to manufacturer's instructions.
Never use the Gate with a pet that is able to climb over or dislodge the Gate.
Never leave pet unattended.
Use only with the locking/latching mechanism is securely engaged.

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