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PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Door

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PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Door
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3.5X more energy efficient than single flap doors!
This item has manufacturer-set pricing and is not eligible for promo offers.
This item has manufacturer-set pricing and is not eligible for promo offers.
This item has manufacturer-set pricing and is not eligible for promo offers.
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Dog door with unique triple flap design for ultimate weather protection
Closing panel adds protection from wind, rain, snow, insects, and drafts
Conveniently fits exterior home doors and walls from 1-1/2" to 2" thick
Over 3-1/2 times more energy efficient than single flap doors!

Petsafe Logo Specifically created for extreme climates. This door's triple flap sytem blocks wind, rain, snow, insects, heat and more - without sacrifice to your pet's outdoor freedom. Offers over four times the energy efficiency of traditional single-flap dog doors. Helps reduce your home's energy costs. Each flexible, nontoxic vinyl flap is light enough for the smallest dog to pass through, but features a magnetic catch to form a tight seal after your pet enters or exits your home.

Includes a snap-on closing panel for added insulation from weather. Durable, plastic frame fits standard doors from 1-1/2" to 2" thick. Additional framing is required to install in exterior walls. Available in three sizes - Small, Medium, or Large - to suit any sized dog or cat. Includes installation instructions. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. White. Sorry, ground service only on Large.

Intended Pets
Max. Weight
Flap Size
Small Breeds,
Small Cats
up to 15 lbs
5-1/8" wide x
7-5/8" high
Medium Breeds,
Large Cats
up to 40 lbs
8-1/8" wide x
11-3/4" high
Large Breeds
up to 100 lbs
10-1/8" wide x
15-3/4" high

Please click on "More Information" for training recommendations and installation instructions.

More Info
Training Your Pet to Use the Pet Door
The Extreme Weather Pet Door swings in and out so your pet can come and go with ease. Most animals learn to use the pet door with just a little help. Here's all you do. Bring your pet to the door. It helps for you to be on the opposite side of the door from your pet. Lift up the vinyl flap a few inches and try to coax your pet into coming through. Sometimes a little food will work as a reward for his coming through. Pet him and talk to him. Do not shove him through. Don't worry - he'll learn quickly enough!

Note: If your pet won't go through, tie the vinyl U-frame up in the open position until your pet goes through the door on his own.

Safety Feature: The pet door has a special safety feature to keep your pet from hurting himself. The vinyl U-shaped frame that goes around the door has a split at the top of each screw hole The vinyl U-frame is made to come off the screw so your pet will not become tangled. The clamping strips are factory mounted. Please check to ensure that the two screws holding the U-frame on are not over-tightened.

To Lock Your Pet In or Out: When you don't want your pet to use the pet door, be sure to put the closing panel on the same side as you put your pet. He'll see a solid door and won't try to come through it.

Installation Instructions

Tools Required
Pointed Saw
Drill with both 7/32" and 1/2" Bits
Philips Screwdriver
Ice Pick or Nail

Optional Tools
Regular Ruler
Bubble Level
Carpenter's Square


  1. To begin, it is necessary to have the template provided and your largest pet present. Please note that there is an "X" at the center of the template. Place the template against the door or wall where you intend to install your pet door. Be sure that the "X" is at the approximate height by standing your pet in front of the template and placing the "X" at his shoulder level. Once you have moved your pet away, puncture the center point (X) through the template and into your door or wall with a nail or ice pick.
  2. Level the template and trace the outer edge with your pencil. Be sure that the template remains level and steady as you draw. Remove the template. Your pencil line shows you what part of your door you must saw out (the part inside the pencil line).
  3. Drill your 1/2" diameter holes just inside the four corners of your outline. The point of your saw blade must fit into these holes. Saw out this section of your door, ensuring that you saw just inside of your outline.
  4. Insert the narrow frame (the frame that does not hold the vinyl flap) into the interior side of the cutout of your door. There are screw holes already drilled through the frame. Take your pencil and mark the location of each screw hole. Remove the frame. Your marks tell you where to drill holes through the door.
  5. Drill 1/8" pilot holes through each of the marks you made in step 3. (It is critical that these holes are straight through the door and do not angle). Then, enlarge these holes with a 3/16" drill bit. In some cases when enlarging the holes, you may break through the edge. This is ok and does not harm the installation. The pet door will have a compression fit in the opening when the screws are tightened in step 6.
  6. Locate the weather stripping and cut it to lengths to be applied to the edges of the wide frame (with flap attached). Peel the backing off of the weather stripping and apply to the outer edges of the frame, covering the screw holes so that it will be between the backside of the pet doorframe and your door.
  7. Insert the narrow frame (without the vinyl flap) on the inside of your door and the wide frame (with flap attached), on the outside. Insert the nylon screws through the narrow frame. Attach the binders to the nylon screws. Do not tighten until all binders are attached. When all binders are secure, using wire cutters snip the ends of the nylon screws flush with the binders.
That's it! Your pet door is now ready to use.

Note: You have been provided a closing panel. Just snap the panel into the side grooves.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How big of a hole do I need to cut in order to install the door?
The hole that needs to be cut varies from door size to size. The openings that need to be cut for each size are: Small 7-5/8" by 10-3/16" high, Medium 9-5/8" by 14-3/16" high, and Large 11-5/8" by 19-1/4" high. To aid in installation, the door comes with a template for the hole size.

In what kind of door can I install the Extreme Weather Pet Door?
The Extreme Weather Pet Door can be installed in any standard interior or exterior door or wall. The Pet Door cannot be installed in a patio door, however, we do carry a PetSafe Patio Panel door that can be used with a patio door.

How do the flaps stay closed in the wind?
Magnets are placed in each corner of the flap that hold it closed. The magnets are strong enough to hold the flap shut but not too strong for the dog not to be able to open it when he enters or exits the house.

Do I have to train my dog to use the door?
When you install the pet door a certain amount of training may be necessary. If you are having a problem getting your dog to use the door, put the dog on one side of the door and yourself on the other side. Then use a snack to lure your dog through the door. It should only take a few times to get your dog use to using the door. If you are still experiencing problems, try propping open the door so your dog can easily access the outside without the flap.

Will the pet door keep other animals outside?
Except when the closing panel is in place, any animal may enter and exit. If you want only your pet to enter and exit, consider purchasing the PetSafe SmartDoor.

My dog weighs 100 lbs. Can I use this pet door?
If your dog is 100 lbs. or over, measure the height and width of your dog to find out if he will fit through the opening. As long as your dog fits through the opening, it makes no difference what he weighs.

Does the door come with all the mounting hardware?
All of the screws, weather stripping, and parts needed come with the door. The only extra items needed are the tools.

Is there a way to close off the door completely?
The Extreme Weather Pet Door can be completely closed off with the closing panel. The closing panel easily snaps into the lip on the frame.

What tools do I need to install the door?
The tools you will need to install your door include: jig saw, drill with 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" drill bits, screwdriver, wire cutters, long nail, and pencil. There are some other tools that aren't necessary, but a good idea to use: ruler, bubble level, and a carpenter's square.

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