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Easy Step Mini Dog Wall Mounted Gate

Easy Step Mini Dog Gate
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Gate contains small dog but allows access without removing gate
Simple wall-mounted design adds safety and security
Durable, all-steel construction fits openings 29" to 38" wide

Screw Mount Corral active small dogs when necessary. All-metal dog gate features a small pet door to allow pets to pass back and forth. Tubular, steel design with rounded safety corners easily secures any hallway, stairwell base, or doorway with simple, screw-in wall cups. Mini Gate measures 18" high to secure small breeds with ease. Unique step-over design still allows you easy access to any room. Small pet access door measures 9" wide x 10" high. Includes 6" extension; can be used to enclose openings from 29" to 38" wide. 1-7/8" bar spacing. 4.5"-long adjustable pressure mounts. White.


  • Small pet door for access without removing gate
  • Sturdy, all-metal construction provides added strength and durability
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Perfect as a room divider or for stairways
  • Convenient 18" height is simple and safe for most people to step over
  • Expands to 38" wide with included 6" extension.

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Made for Small Breeds! This product is specifically designed for your small breed dog.
More Info
Using the Small Pet Door
To open, pull knob out and swing the door open. To close, pull the knob out and shut the door. Once the locking pin is aligned with the hole in the gate frame, release the knob.

Assembly Instructions
Screw each hand wheel on to a threaded spindle rod with the hollow side of the hand wheel facing away from the white pad on the end of the spindle.

Insert the assembled threaded spindle rods and hand wheels into the appropriate holes in the plastic end plugs at the top and bottom tube ends of the gate.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Position the gate in the required opening. It may be necessary to squeeze together the top part of the frame.
  2. Position the gate so that the gate opens to the side the pet will be.
  3. Place a wall cup over each spindle rod. Turn the bottom hand wheels so as to extend the adjusting spindles until the base is held firmly and the gaps on either side of the gate are as equal as possible. Then turn the top hand wheels to extend the adjusting spindles to reduce the gap between the handle and the side rail. The gate is correctly positioned when the gap between the handle and the side rail is about 1/16". IMPORTANT: It is essential that the gate be as nearly vertical as possible and that it be closed and locked at the top and bottom before marking the position of the wall cups.
  4. Mark the position of the wall cups on the wall with a pencil and remove the gate. NOTE: If installing the gate in a doorway, ensure that the cups do not interfere with the closing of the door.
  5. Using the screws provided, screw the wall cups in their marked positions. The screws provided are suitable for a minimum wood thickness of 3/4".
  6. Replace the gate inside the attached wall cups. Turn the bottom hand wheels until the base is held firmly, again ensuring that the gaps on either side of the gate are as nearly equal as possible. Then turn the top hand wheels towards the gate frame to reduce the gap between the handle and the side rail until it is about 1/16". Do not over-tighten as that may prevent the locking mechanism from functioning. Instructions for 6", 12", and 24" gate extensions:
    1. Do not use more than two extensions per gate.
    2. Assemble the gate using the assembly instructions above up to step 5.
    3. Choose the side of the gate to be extended and remove the top and bottom adjusting spindles and hand wheels.
    4. Insert the top and bottom spindles of the extension into the top and bottom of the gate.
    5. Attach the adjusting spindles and hand wheels you removed from the gate into the side of the extension nearest the wall.
    6. Finish assembling the gate per steps 5 and 6, above.
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