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Maxi & Extra Tall Maxi Wall Mounted Gates

Maxi & Extra Tall Maxi Wall Mounted Gates
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Metal dog gates expand to 13 feet wide with additional extension panels
Tubular steel with screw-mount hardware keeps gates securely in place
Convenient walk-through access door with built-in smaller door for cats and small dogs

Screw mount & Spring Release Keep your pets secure and safe in the areas of your home where you prefer. Expand the Maxi and Extra Tall Maxi gates with available extensions to close off openings up to 13 feet. Tubular steel construction easily screw-mounts to any home wall. Convenient 16" wide walk-through door installs at either gate end and opens with a simple spring release that operates with one hand. Gates include a smaller 7" x 10" high pass-through door perfect for cats or smaller pets. Walk-through door swings open in either direction. Slats are spaced 2.75" apart. Gates without any extension fit openings 37"-39" wide. Add the single included extension to fit openings 51"-57.5" wide. Please note the difference between using the gate alone and with its single included extenstion - these gates do NOT fit widths 39"-51".

Available 24" Extensions, sold separately, attach opposite the walk-through door and can be combined (up to 4) to secure opening up to 13 feet wide. The Extra Tall Maxi Gate fills the same widths as the Maxi Gate, yet stands 38" tall to safely contain the largest of dog breeds. White.

# of Panels
Gate Panel Size
Included Extension
Panel Size
Access Door Size
Pet Door Size
Maxi Gate
Gate panel and one extension
33" w x
30" h*
27" w x
30" h**
16" w x
28.5" h
7" w x 10" h
Extra Tall Maxi Gate
Gate panel and one extension
33" w x 38" h*
27" w x
38" h**
16" w x 36.5" h
7" w x 10" h
*fits openings 37"-39" if used alone
**fits openings 51"-57.5" if used with gate panel and no other extensions

Please click on "More Information" for use, installation, and cleaning instructions.

More Info
Using your Maxi Gate
Use the Gate to secure large openings within your house while still allowing access between gated locations. Once installed, you can easily pass through the gate by using the one-handed, spring-operated latch and swing the door either inwards or outwards, depending on how the gate is mounted.

Hardware mounted gates are considered safer than pressure gates because they are permanently mounted. They are best suited for areas where safety is paramount, such as at the top of the stairs. No one likes to drill holes, but a little putty or spackling can save an agonizing trip to the hospital emergency room. The screws, included with this gate, are for mounting directly into wood. Installation into other surfaces, such as drywall, brick, wrought iron or glass blocks require additional hardware available from any hardware store or home improvement center.

Installing your Maxi Gate
To install your gate, you will need a pencil, Phillips head screwdriver, and a hand or electric drill with a small (up to 1/8") drill bit.

  1. Measure the opening you would like to secure.
  2. If necessary, add individual panels to create a gate of sufficient length.

    1. Attach Panels together by using one Metal Pin in both the top and bottom Panel expanse.
  3. Screw a Metal Bolt into each of the end Panel openings.
  4. Place the Gate in the desired opening.
  5. With a pencil, mark the height of each end of the Metal Bolt Ends.
  6. Remove the Gate from the opening.
  7. Hold one Mounting Plate against the previously made pencil mark.
  8. With a pencil, mark each of the Screw Holes.
  9. Repeat Steps #6 and 7 for the second, third, and fourth Mounting Plate.
  10. With a Hand or Electric Drill, drill a small pilot hole for each of the screw locations.
  11. Using a Phillips Screwdriver and the included Metal Screws, affix each Mounting Plate to each side of the desired opening.
  12. Once secure, reposition the Gate in the opening.
  13. Slightly lift each Gate end to slip the flat end of each Bolt behind the notch on the Mounting Plate.
  14. If necessary, adjust the length of each Bolt by screwing it farther into the Gate.

Cleaning your Maxi Gate
If necessary, hand wash your gate with soft a wet cloth and a mild soap. Ensure the gate is thoroughly rinsed and towel or air dried before returning to your pet's environment.

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