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Stairway Special Outdoor Wall Mounting Gate

Stairway Special Outdoor Wall Mounting Gate
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Outdoor dog gate keeps your pet safely contained on your deck or porch
All-metal construction won't rust
Gate opens easily with one hand

Sturdy outdoor gate offers your dog the freedom of the outdoors and delivers you peace of mind. Aluminum outdoor dog gate securely attaches to your deck to keep your dog safely contained while he is getting fresh air. Powder-coated all-metal construction and stainless steel components are weatherproof and will not rust. For openings 27" to 42-1/2"; 29-1/2" high. Optional Extensions (sold separately) come in two convenient sizes and allow gate to expand to 64-1/4" wide. 2.5" bar spacing. Easy-open latch requires only one hand to open for struggle free access. Versatile gate can be mounted straight or at an angle to meet the design of your deck. Also works great for keeping small children safe. Brown, Black or White.

Please click on "More Information" for parts list, installation instructions, operation, and maintenance.

More Info
Parts List
1 -
Hinge Bracket
1 -
Hinge Rod
4 -
Phillips Screws
2 -
3/4" Bolts w/Serrated Washers
2 -
Eye Bolts w/Nuts and Washers
2 -
Shoulder Washers
1 -
Allen Wrench
1 -
Latch Wall Mount
1 -
Key Ring
2 -
Long Screws
1 -
Latch Assembly
1 -
Optional One-way Bracket
Installation Instructions
  1. Install hinge bracket to wall (stationary side of gate) using Phillips screw beginning 6-1/2" above floor surface.
  2. Install second screw in top of hinge bracket securing it to the wall.
  3. Insert eye bolts with nuts and washers into top and bottom of hinge side gate (side with three holes). Be sure nuts are tight. Do not use middle hole for this step.
  4. Hang gate by inserting hinge rod, through tip of mounted hinge bracket, through upper plastic shoulder washer, through both eye bolts, through lower plastic shoulder washer, and finally through bottom of hinge bracket. To secure hinge, insert key ring through hole in end of hinge rod. Gate can be mounted at angles up to 30 degrees.
  5. Use Allen wrench to unscrew set screws on top and bottom of gate to extend gate. Leave shipping tabs in place so you don't mar the gate's finish. You will remove shipping tabs during final tightening.
  6. Mount latch assembly to gate using 3/4" bolts with serrated washers. Attach wall mount for latch assembly up into part that is now secure on gate. Slide gate out to mark holes for latch assembly on the attaching wall. (optional one-way bracket installed here.) Then attach the wall mount of latch assembly to wall using Phillips head screws. Optional long screws may be used to attach gate to stud through dry wall.
Note: If the gate is installed at top of a staircase: Install one-way stop bracket on one side of wall mount latch to have gate open in only one direction for maximum safety.

Gate Operation
For Opening
When approaching gate, if latch is to your left, use right hand. Depress flip latches simultaneously with thumb and index finger while lifting gate with remaining fingers of hand. Remember: Latch to right, use left hand; latch to left, use right hand.

For Closing
Grasp gate in middle. Lift gate and align latch pins with bracket holes. Drop in place. There is no need to close gate using flip latches.

Gate Maintenance
When used outdoors, we suggest spraying hinge and latch parts with CRC Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor or equivalent. This can be obtained normally at marinas or auto parts stores. Remove set screws when separating frames for cleaning.

To clean, rinse with lukewarm water, wash gently with mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water, using a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse again. Dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spotting. Do not scrub, use brushes, or squeegees.

Gate Care & Reminders
  • Close gate gently - do not slam - to prevent damage to latch mechanism.
  • When closing, be sure safety bracket on gate frame engages.
  • For safety, always close gate when not in use. Children should not be allowed to swing on an open gate as this can damage hinge mount.
  • Keep Allen wrench in a secure place. We suggest removing set screws when separating sections for cleaning. Periodically check all screws, bolts, etc. for security and proper adjustment.
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