Wrought Iron Décor Gate Model WI-30 by Cardinal Gates|Pet Gates
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Wrought Iron Décor Gate

Wrought Iron Décor Gate
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Custom gate offers a perfect combination of safety and style
Hardware-mount, indoor-use gate adjusts from 27" to 42.5" (53" with extension)
Door latch baffles toddlers but allows one-hand operation for adults

Made to look like a custom-made wrought-iron gate, the Wrought Iron Décor Gate is an ideal blend of safety and style. Constructed of durable steel with a powder-coated finish, this gate blends beautifully and durably in homes with gorgeous wood trim or wrought iron accents.

Designed for indoor use only, this attractive pet gate features a latch system that baffles toddlers yet allows one-hand operation for adults. Optional stop bracket prevents opening over a stairway for greater safety. The Wrought Iron Décor Gate mounts at angles up to 30 degrees, allowing location of a stud when mounting on drywall. gate available in Bronze or Black.

Gate width is adjustable from 27" to 42.5" wide x 29.5" height. Bar spacing is 2.5".

Downloadable Wrought Iron Décor Gate Assembly Instruction PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Please click on "More Information" for care and use tips.

More Info
How to Clean your Wrought Iron Décor Gate
To clean, rinse with lukewarm water, wash gently with mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water using a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse again. Dry with a soft cloth or sponge to prevent water spotting. DO NOT SCRUB or use brushes or squeegees.

Maintenance Tips

This gate is built to last many years with proper use and care. Here are a few maintenance suggestions:

  • Close gate gently - do not slam - to prevent damage to latch mechanism.
  • When closing, be sure safety bracket on gate frame engages as depicted in instructions.
  • For safety, always close gate when not in use. Children should not be allowed to swing on an open gate as this can damage hinge mount.
  • Keep Allen wrench in a secure place. We suggest removing set screws when separating sections for cleaning. Periodically check all screws, bolts, etc. for security and proper adjustment.
Gate Operation
FOR OPENING: When approaching gate, if latch is to your left, use right hand. Depress flip latches simultaneously with thumb and index finger while lifting gate with remaining fingers of hand. REMEMBER: Latch to right, use left hand; latch to left, use right hand.

FOR CLOSING: Grasp gate in middle. Lift gate and align latch pins with bracket holes. Drop in place. There is no need to close gate using flip latches.

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