Dog Doors: PetSafe Deluxe Patio Panels
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PetSafe Deluxe Patio Panels

PetSafe Deluxe Patio Panels
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Easy to install dog door supplies security for you, access for your pet
No need to cut through doors or walls
Available in three neutral colors

Petsafe LogoGive your pet access to the outside from your sliding glass door! This airtight panel fits your patio door frame with door partially open. Once installed, stays stationary when opening and closing the patio door and can be used on either left- or right-opening doors. Adjusts to a frame height of 76-3/4" to 81" (measured from top of bottom track to top of top track). Door can be locked with panel in place; use closing panel (included).

Easily installed aluminum framed door is available in three color choices and includes weather stripping for an airtight seal. Security panel locks in place to secure door when you're away from home. Safety-tempered glass above the pet door allows for viewing and light to pass through. Please specify Aluminum, Bronze, or White. Bronze not available in Small.

Animal Size
Toy breeds
and cats
5" x 7" opening with 2.5" rise
Medium breeds
and Large cats
8" x 11" opening with 2.5" rise
Large breeds
10" x 15" opening with 9" rise

Please click on "More Information" for training and assembly instructions.

More Info

In the past pet owners that had sliding patio doors leading outside didn’t have an option when it came to pet doors. This unique door system allows all pets to come and go freely. A dog or cat that can exercise and relieve himself whenever he chooses is happier and healthier.

Training your pet to use the pet door:

The 2-way pet door swings in and out so your pet can come and go with ease. Most animals learn to use the pet door with a minimum of help. Here's all you do:

  1. Bring your pet to the door. It helps for you to be on the opposite side of the door from your pet.
  2. Lift up the vinyl flap a few inches and try to coax your pet into coming through. Sometimes a little food will work as a reward for his coming through.
  3. Pet him and talk to him. Do not shove him through. Don't worry - he'll learn quickly enough!

Note: If your pet won't go through, tie the vinyl door in the open position until your pet goes through the door on his own.

For your protection: For additional security you may wish to install a kick lock for your sliding glass door. This may be purchased at most hardware retailers.

To lock your pet in or out: When you don't want your pet to use the pet door, be sure to put the closing panel on the same side as you put your pet. He'll see a solid door and won't try to go through it.

Your pet door can be easily cleaned: To clean simply use mild dish washing soap and a sponge. Do not use harsh, abrasive cleaning materials on your pet door. Rinse thoroughly.

Parts list:
(1) Patio panel
(1) Panel latch assembly
(1) Roll weather stripping
(1) Glass sweep
(4) Binding posts
(4) 1/4" (6 mm) Phillips sheet metal screws
(4) 5/8" (16 mm) Phillips sheet metal screws
(4) 3/4" (20 mm) Machine screws

Tools required:
Electric drill
1/8" (3 mm) Drill bit
7/32" (5.6 mm) Drill bit
Phillips head screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver

Assembly and installation:

To install the panel into your sliding glass door track:

Step 1. Set the panel in the sliding glass door track. Place the top of the panel in the top door track groove. Compress the spring-loaded height adjuster by pushing the panel up and placing the bottom of the panel into the corresponding bottom track groove.

Step 2. Fit the panel into place. Slide the panel against the door jam. There should be no gaps between the door jam and the panel. Your sliding glass door should butt flush against the panel when closed.

Note: Your sliding glass door and the panel must butt flush on the inside of your home in order for the panel latch to work properly.

Step 3. Secure the height adjuster to the panel. Test and make sure you are satisfied with the fit of the panel and how it works in conjunction with your sliding glass door. Drill 1/8" (3 mm) holes through the 4 pre drilled holes (2 each side) on the height adjuster. Fasten the height adjuster to the panel with the (4) 1/4" (6 mm) sheet metal screws provided.

Step 4. Secure the panel to the sliding glass door frame. Drill (2) 1/8" (3 mm) holes through the top and (2) 1/8" (3 mm) holes through the bottom of the panel and into the door frame. Fasten the panel to the door frame with the (4) 5/8" (16 mm) sheet metal screws provided.

To install the glass sweeps:

Note: The glass sweeps provided should be installed onto your sliding glass door to help ensure a good seal and keep insects from entering your home through the gap between your sliding glass door and your stationary glass door.

Step 5. Attach the glass sweeps to your sliding glass door. Before attaching glass sweeps, clean the surface area where the sweeps are to be placed. Before removing the adhesive backing, pre-position each sweep onto your glass door to determine the correct position. Hold each sweep in place as you peel the adhesive from the top and press it firmly in place toward the bottom. Trim any excess off at the bottom with a scissors. The flexible part should rest against your stationary door glass.

To install the panel latch:

Note: The panel latch assembly consists of one male part and one female part, plus (4) binding posts and (4) machine screws. For security reasons, all of the binding posts must enter from outside your house, and the screws must enter from inside your house.

Step 6. Attach the male part to the panel. Use (2) of the binding posts and (2) 3/4" (20 mm) machine screws provided to mount the male part to the panel. Close your sliding glass door against the panel.

Step 7. Position the female part to your glass door. Close your sliding glass door against the panel. Connect the panel latch parts together by flipping the lever on the male part so it catches the female part and locks together. Mark the location you will need to drill to mount the female part to your glass door (use the holes in the female part as a guide).

Caution: Do not drill through your glass door frame if there is any possibility of hitting glass. If necessary, drill a small pilot hole to make sure you have enough clearance.

Step 8. Attach the female part to your glass door. Drill 7/32" (5.6 mm) holes through your door in both marked locations. Use the (2) remaining binding posts and (2) 3/4" (20 mm) machine screws provided to mount the female part to your door.

Step 9. Now that the latch has been installed, close your sliding door and flip the lever to see if everything is aligned properly. If you need to make any minor adjustments, simply loosen the screws, adjust accordingly and then re-tighten the screws.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does it require any special installation?
The Johnson Patio Panel is relatively easy to install. The only tools required for installation are an electric drill, drill bits, screwdriver, scissors, and pencil. Everything needed to install the patio panel are included, for example, the weather stripping and hardware. The steps for installation are: 1) Set the patio panel in the patio door opening. 2) Set the adjustment for the height of the patio panel. 3) Secure the patio panel to the patio door frame. 4) Install the weather stripping and the glass sweeps. 5) Install the panel latch (which is used to lock the patio door).

Can other animals come in the pet door?
Yes. There are no devices or safeguards that stop other animals from entering the door. However, when the closing panel is in place nothing can pass through the door. If other animals entering your house is a concern for you, we carry the Deluxe Electronic Dog Door that only allows the pet wearing a special collar to enter. 

What are the size openings for each door?
The opening on the small door measures 5" by 7", medium is 8" by 11", and large is 10" by 15". The rise is the area the pet needs to step over to go through the door. The rise on the small and medium door is 2" and the large has a 9" rise.

What are examples of breeds suggested for each size door?
Pets such as cats under 7 lbs or toy breed dogs, such as Bichon Frise, Chihuahua, and Maltese can use the small size, the medium door can accommodate a dog the size of a Beagle, Brittany, or a Welsh Terrier or a cat over 7 lbs. The large door can be used for a Boxer, German Shepherd, a Greyhound, or breeds of similar size.  

Can I special order a larger size door?
At this time we are unable to special order the larger size, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Can I still lock my patio door? Can I use my patio door while this panel is in?
While the patio panel is in position, the patio door can still be used and locked. The patio panel comes with a latch that secures the patio door. The latch should be installed at the same time you install the patio panel. When the latch is unfastened, the door can be opened and closed freely.

Can you close the door (flap) so pet can’t get out?
The patio panel comes complete with a solid closing panel that slides over the flap opening. When the closing panel is in place the dog has no access to the other side. Your dog will become accustomed to the difference in the doors.

Pet doors open a new world of freedom for both you and your pet. You'll no longer have to play doorman for your dog every time he needs to go out.
Compare dog and cat pet door sizes, seals, and locking functions with this helpful comparison chart.
Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Doors
Cleaning up after your pets not only keeps your community clean, it can also prevent or decrease health problems affecting your pets or your family.
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