Dog Stairs: Drs. Foster & Smith Lightweight Indoor Pet Stairs
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Drs. Foster & Smith Lightweight Indoor Pet Stairs

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Drs. Foster & Smith Lightweight Indoor Pet Stairs
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Lightweight pet stairs help increase access for puppies, older or arthritic pets
Low risers offer safe passage to high places
Safely supports puppies up to 200 lb dogs, great for pets with special needs

Polystyrene stairs are puppy light, St. Bernard strong. Lift them effortlessly to clean under or move room to room. They increase access for puppies, senior pets, or arthritic pets and support up to 200 lbs. Low 4-1/2" risers reduce strain. Zippered cover protects foam core; features plush face and heavyweight 7 oz poly/cotton twill sides. Cover is machine washable. 3 Step measures 16" wide x 18" long x 13" high, 1-1/2 lbs; 4 Step measures 15" wide x 24" long x 18" high, 3 lbs; 6 Step measures 15" wide x 36" long x 27" high, 5 lbs. 4 and 6 Steps fold up with center zipper for convenient storage. Please specify color.

Colors: Burgundy, Chocolate, Hunter Green, or Khaki.

Please click on "More Information" for assembly instructions and the benefits of pet stairs.

More Info
Assembly Instructions
  1. Remove step unit from packaging.
  2. Place the smaller foam stair section on top of the larger foam base. Be sure to aligning the back and side edges.
  3. Slip cover over the steps and adjust material over stair treads.
  4. Zip cover to close.
Benefits of pet stairs
Pet stairs can be an invaluable tool in assisting your pet onto a favorite chair, bed, or any elevated area your pet has difficulty accessing because of weight, age, or illness. Pet stairs help make daily activities less painful.

The Lightweight Pet Stair is formed from two solid pieces of expanded polystyrene. Removable and washable zippered cover features durable 7 oz poly/cotton twill sides and bottom. The top is covered with imitation lambswool material to provide a soft non-slip surface for climbing the stairs.

A key feature of the Lightweight Pet Stair is the low stair risers. Other pet stairs have a riser height suited more for people rather than pets. The lower riser height places less strain on stiff joint and muscles, making it easier for older or arthritic pets to climb these stairs.

Instructions for Washing
Remove cover and place in your washer and dryer each time it's soiled. Do not bleach.

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