Decorative Pet Steps: Solid Wood Steps Elegantly Aid Older or Arthritic Pets
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Decorative Pet Steps

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Decorative Pet Steps
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Cherry-stained designer dog staircase
adds elegant décor
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Dog steps feature sturdy, solid wood construction
Carpeted stair treads prevent slips as your dog climbs
Protective pads keep stairs in place on any floor

2 Step Safety and elegance combine in these dog ramp steps to let your pet easily climb to her favorite sofa, bed, or chair. Great addition to your dog arthritis care regimen. Made of solid, 3/4" thick, raised wood panels. Features carpeted stair treads and protective rubber base pads to prevent unit from slipping and protect your home's floors. Warm cherry stain looks great with any home décor. Each step has a 7" rise. Overall step size is 8-3/8" deep x 18" wide. 2 Step is 14" high - the perfect height to allow your pet to climb onto most sofas or chairs. 3 Step is 21" high so your pet can climb onto most beds.

2 Step
3 Step
Overall Unit Height
14" high
21" high
Stair Tread Size
8-3/8" deep x 18" wide
Overall Unit Size
16-3/4" deep x
18" wide x 14" high
24-1/8" deep x
18" wide x 21" High

Please click on "More Information" for use, assembly, cleaning instructions, and product specifications.

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More Info
Using Your Decorative Pet Steps
Use these safe and beneficial steps in any location your pet needs to access. Great addition to your dog's arthritis care regimen; allowing your pet to climb onto a sofa, chair, or bed easily. Each Decorative Pet Step is loaded with safety features to keep your pet safe during use and also to protect your home and floors.

Assembling Your Decorative Pet Steps
Before assembling your Decorative Pet Steps, familiarize yourself with the Parts List. We also recommend you read through the entire instructions before starting. It is also recommended you assemble the Decorative Pet Steps on a flat surface. Protect the surface you are working on with a piece of cardboard or paper. Also have a damp rag available when using the glue to wipe away any excess glue from the product.

  1. Glue (included) one Side Panel Back Dovetail Joint and insert over bottom Back Panel.
  2. Repeat above step with second Side Panel.
  3. Glue both Side Panel Front Dovetail Joints and slide a Riser into the Dovetail Joints.
  4. Dispense a small amount of Glue into the 8 holes on top surfaces of side panels. Insert one wooden Dowel into each hole.
  5. Dispense a small amount of Glue into the holes on the underside of the First Step Tread and insert Step Tread onto Dowels of both Side Panels.
  6. Glue both Dovetail Joints at back of Side Panels and slide the upper Back Panel into the Dovetail Joints.
  7. Repeat steps #3 and #5 above for remaining Step Riser(s) and Step Tread(s), depending on model.
  8. Allow stairs to dry for 12 hours prior to proceeding to the next step. Do not install the protective pads until after the gluing and drying process is complete.
  9. After all glue has dried, install one Protective Pad on each of the four corners of the bottom stair edge.
Cleaning Your Decorative Pet Steps
Clean wood surfaces with a gentle, non-abrasive wood polish. Clean carpeted surfaces with carpet cleaner. Spot test cleaner on an inconspicuous location. Air dry.

Decorative Pet Steps Product Specifications
Made of solid, 3/4" thick wood panels with carpeted treads. Entire unit is finished in a warm cherry stain. Also features rubber protective pads to protect floors and prevent stairs from slipping on either carpeted or non-carpeted flooring. Each step has a 7" rise. Overall step size is 8-3/8" deep x 18" wide. 2 Step is 14" high. 3 Step is 21" high. Easy assembly required. All necessary hardware and glue is included.

Parts List
2 - Wooden Side Panels
2 - Wooden Back Panels
2 or 3 (depending on model) - Wooden Step Risers
2 or 3 (depending on model) - Carpeted Wood Step Treads
1 - Hardware Package (including glue)

Ratings & Reviews
Give your dog a lift. Ramps and steps can make life easier for older pets and dogs with joint discomfort. Use this helpful comparison chart to help you choose products for your dog.
Dog ramps and steps improve your pet's quality of life. Easy access helps older pets and dogs with arthritis reach their favorite places - furniture, beds, windowsills, or into a vehicle.
A dog ramp or pet stairs can benefit older pets and dogs with joint discomfort. This helpful comparison chart can help you choose the best dog ramp or stair-steps for your pet.
Does your dog have a hard time getting around? Is he hopping on his back legs, struggling to climb steps, or get into cars? Physical aids like ramps, harnesses, or orthopedic beds can help.
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