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Bifold Ramp

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Bifold Ramp
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The lightest weight folding pet ramp we carry!
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Lightweight full size dog ramp weighs only 10 lbs and folds for easy storage
Economical bi-fold pet ramp opens to a full 5 feet and holds up to 150 lbs
Half ramp holds 200 lbs and is over 3 feet long
Textured surface offers traction to your pet's feet

Folded RampYour lightest weight folding full-size ramp at only 10 lbs. Made of heavy-duty polyethylene this fold up design takes up minimal space to offer maximum portability. Features non-skid rubber feet and textured surface for traction. Measures 62" long x 16" wide; 31" x 16" x 7" thick when folded. Holds up to 150 lbs. Spray or wipe clean with soap and water. Black.

Don't have a rear cargo door? Try our NEW Side Door Adapter that enables you to use the Ultralight Full Size Ramp on the side door of any vehicle!

Please click on "More Information" for safety and cleaning instructions.

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CAUTION: This ramp is designed for use ONLY by dogs, cats, and small animals. It is not intended to carry humans or heavy loads and use other than directed creates an unsafe situation.

Training: Many pets will begin using the ramp with no hesitation. If your pet is unsure at first, lay the ramp flat on the ground and allow your pet to become comfortable walking on it before using it in an inclined position. It also helps to hold your pet by the collar and offer reassuring praise and/or treats as your pet gains confidence using the ramp. For vehicle use, command your pet to stay inside the vehicle until the ramp is deployed, then walk your pet down safely.

Cleaning Instructions: Open ramp fully and wipe or spray clean with water. A mild detergent may be used. Thoroughly rinse and air dry before use or folding for storage.
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