Aids for Older Dogs with Arthritis: Solvit PupSTEP Wooden Pet Stairs
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Solvit PupSTEP Wooden Pet Stairs

Solvit PupSTEP Wooden Pet Stairs
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Give your dog a boost to reach sofas, beds, and other elevated spots
Solid wood stairs feature felt stair landings for a sure grip
Fold down brace provides convenient storage and travel options

If age or health conditions are keeping your pet from leaping up to favorite spots, Solvit's all-wood pet stairs are a great solution. They bridge the gap between the floor and elevated surfaces to help prevent jumping-related injuries. Constructed of solid wood with a rich, walnut stain to complement any household decor, these stairs feature supportive side rails to help your pet climb up and down with confidence. Place next to beds, sofas or windowsills to give your pet anytime-access without leaping or joint stress. Each landing has coordinating felt covering for sure grip. Rear leg can be folded in for convenient storage or transport; to fold down, simply press on the wood locking brace and swing in the rear leg. No assembly required; ready to use when they arrive. For pets up to 200 lbs.

Available in two sizes: Large is intended for small- to medium-sized pets, due to the size of the individual step sections; measures 24" long x 16" wide x 20" high. For larger pets, or for any pet needing to access an extra tall bed, choose the Extra Large, which measures 30" long x 19" wide x 25" high.

Downloadable PupSTEP Wooden Pet Stairs Care & Use Guide PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Please click on "More Information" for setup and cleaning instructions.

More Info
The stairs require no assembly. The back legs are held in the open position by means of a wood locking brace, located under the top step. Swing the back leg away from the main stair section until the locking brace falls into position. When the brace is in the locked position, the edge of the brace will overlap the top edge of the leg (see nearby image). Test to make sure the locking brace is in position by attempting to fold the legs back to the main stair section; if they cannot be closed, the brace is correctly positioned. Now place the stairs in the desired location next to a couch, bed, etc.

To fold the rear leg section for storage or transport, simply reach under the top step and press up on the wood locking brace to disengage it from the rear leg section.

Cleaning: Promptly wipe up any foreign matter or liquid with a damp cloth or sponge.

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