Dog Ramps: Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramps
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Pet Gear Free-Standing Ramps

Pet Gear Free-Standing Ramps
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Easy-fold ramps allow for quick, compact storage
Pet ramps require no propping - each stands by itself
Ideal for helping pets into vehicles or onto furniture and beds
Slip-resistant surfaces give pets sure footing

Most of our folding pet ramps require propping against a vehicle hatch or furniture, but not these freestanding ramps. A sturdy, locking brace allows these pet ramps to stand up without propping. Tri-folding design allows for easy and compact portability, at home or on the go. High-density plastic construction is extremely durable. Locking brace holds the ramp safely in the setup position, and rubberized bottom grippers give the ramp secure footing. Pet Ramps are a boon for older or arthritic pets that have trouble accessing automobiles and elevated furniture the way they used to.

Regular Free-Standing Ramp is an ideal choice for shorter SUVs, vans, and car hatches, as well as beds and sofas. To steady your pet's footing, the ramp features removable, no-slip carpet treading and a slightly raised edge to prevent pets from slipping off the side. Chocolate. 56" long x 16" wide x 23" high; for pets up to 200 lbs.

Pet Gear's Free-Standing Extra Wide Pet Ramp is extra-wide (20% wider than regular) and extra-sturdy, to support pets up to 300 lbs. It also features raised edges and a slip-resistant surface to keep your pet steady. When you're ready to go, just fold the ramp up into its compact size and you're on your way! Dark Chocolate. 55" long x 19.25" wide x 23" high. For pets up to 300 lbs.

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More Info
Regular Free-Standing Ramp
Extra-wide Free-Standing Ramp
high-density plastic with carpet treads
high-density plastic with non-slip surface
Supports up to:
200 lbs
300 lbs
16" wide
19.25" wide
18 lbs
20 lbs
Suitable vehicles:
shorter SUVs, vans, & cars
shorter SUVs, vans, & cars
Additional features:
locking brace, no-slip carpet
locking brace, slip-resistant surface

Regular Free-Standing Ramp
Caring for the carpet treads
Remove pet hair from the carpeted treads using a sticky tape roller or the hand attachment of your vacuum. When soiled, the treads can be removed for cleaning. Use a pet formulated enzyme cleaner such as Doctors Foster and Smith CleanAway, which requires no rinsing. Make sure the carpet is completely dry before reattaching to the pet ramp.

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