Natural-Step Pet Ramps by Gen7Pets
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Natural-Step™ Full Size Pet Ramp

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Natural-Step™ Full Size Pet Ramp
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Soft, poly-grass ramp provides dogs an excellent grip
Rubber stoppers on both ends prevent ramps from slipping
Automatic latch ensures quick, easy closure without accidental openings

Natural-Step ramp offers safe, sure-grip access for your pet and space-saving storage for you. Ramp is covered with poly grass, which feels soft on the paws yet provides claw-gripping traction. The grass is also soft to the touch for you and will not scuff or scratch your vehicle interiors.

Ramp is lightweight, easy to open and fold, and offers a generous 16" wide path for pet security. The soft rubber-grip handle makes carrying the ramp easy. Automatic locking latch secures the ramp closed to ensure no accidental unfolding of the ramp. The thin, compact fold makes this ramp one of the most compact available to date. Stores in the back of your SUV or minivan or under the bed or couch for quick, easy access. See specifications below. Green/Black.

  • Poly-grass surface for easy grip going up or down
  • Automatic locking clip for easy open and close
  • Rubber-grip handle for portability
  • Rubber stoppers on both ends help prevent slipping
  • Safety tether latch
Full Size Ramp
Max pet weight 250 lbs.
72" long x 16" wide x 1.5" thick
Folded: 36" long x 16" wide x 3" thick
Weighs 17 lbs

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More Info

Care and Use Instructions
To ensure that the ramp is properly closed, make sure that the latch is completely over the holding pin. To open, simply lift the latch over the holding pin and separate two halves of ramp. Ramps are intended for pets only. To wash, simply spray down entire ramp with water. Allow to air dry.

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