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Itch Stop Kit by Drs. Foster & Smith

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Itch Stop Kit by Drs. Foster & Smith
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For excessive biting, scratching, or chewing at the skin
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are any of the Itch Stop products harmful if my pet licks them?
A.  Drs. Foster & Smith Itch Stop products are non-toxic if your pet licks at them, although you would not want your pet to ingest large quantities. Keep this and all products out of reach of pets and children.

Q.  Can I apply two or more of these products at one time?
A.  It is completely safe to use two or more of the Itch Stop products as well as other anti-itch sprays or ointments at the same time. 

Q.  Can I use Itch Stop products along with the Soothing Treatment products?
A.  Yes, you can use Itch Stop products along with Soothing Treatment products. The Soothing Treatment products are manufactured for use in dogs only, unlike Itch Stop products, which are for dogs, cats, and horses. 

Q.  Can Itch Stop products be used on my pet with allergy-related skin conditions such as rashes?
A.  Drs. Foster & Smith Itch Stop products can be used on dogs with allergy-related rashes.

Q.  How much hydrocortisone does each product contain?
A.  Each product in the Itch Stop Series contains 0.5% hydrocortisone. 

Q.  How often can I apply these products? Is it all right to use them for an extended period of time?
A.  Our doctors recommend applying the Itch stop products from 2-4 times daily. You should not need to use Itch Stop products for more than a week. If there is no improvement in one week, or if the area worsens, you should take your dog to see a veterinarian for further diagnosis.  

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Customers Reviews


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