Dog Ear Care: Ear Powder for Dogs, Ear Clens Solution, Ear Clens Pads and Ear Clens Kit
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Ear Clens by Drs. Foster & Smith

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Ear Clens® Kit
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Your money-saving approach to clean, healthy ears!
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VIDEO - How to Clean Dog's Ears
Compare Ear Care Products
Keeping your dog's ears healthy goes a long way in ensuring his comfort and quality of life. The following chart offers a handy guide to help you select the exact ear care supplies you need to quickly, easily care for your dog's ears.
Selection Guide: Ear Care for Dogs
With this helpful ear care guide, you will learn easy steps to keeping your dog's ears clean and odor free, and how to combat ear mites.
Ear Odor...Tell-Tale Symptom of Infection
You've noticed your dog is scratching his ears vigorously, as well as shaking his head frequently. You've examined the ear, and can't see any evidence of dirt, but you do detect a foul odor. This is a tell-tale symptom of an ear infection.
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