Dog Nutritional Supplements: Biotin Tablets Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs
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Drs. Foster & Smith Biotin Supplement Tablets

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Drs. Foster & Smith Biotin Supplement Tablets
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The highest quality Biotin we could find!
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Biotin is an ideal pairing with any of our skin and coat products!
This B Vitamin helps support and maintain healthy skin and hair
Biotin is required for proper function of enzymes in the body

Ideal for dog owners looking to supplement this B vitamin along with an existing skin and coat care plan. We recommend Biotin partnered with Vitacaps® or our Omega-3 Fatty Acid Capsules. Biotin plays an important l role in maintaining healthy skin and hair in dogs and cats. It is also required for the function of enzymes in the body that support healthy function of the nervous system, eyes and liver. Our Biotin is of the highest quality we can find. Vanilla-flavored Tablets. Tablets are great to give as a treat. For dogs and cats.

Suggested daily use:
Tablets: For dogs or cats up to 15 pounds of body weight, give 1 tablet daily. For pets over 15 pounds, give 1 tablet for each 15 pounds of body weight daily. For Dogs and Cats

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Ingredients: Dextrose, sugar, maltodextrins, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, biotin, vanillin.

Guaranteed Analysis (minimum per tablet unless otherwise indicated):

Moisture (max)
0.6 mg
*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles

1 tablet = 0.5 grams

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Biotin have a flavor?
Dried yeast is the main ingredient in Biotin. Therefore it has a flavor similar to bread or pizza crust. 

Does Biotin have to be given with the Vitacaps® ?
The Biotin powder works very well with the Vitacaps® supplement. It is not necessary to use both of them, but for best results it is recommended. 

Biotin plays a large role in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Biotin also plays an important role in growth, digestion, muscle formation, and in enabling the body to use glucose as an energy source.
Pets, like people, are individuals. As such, they have unique nutritional needs, requiring different levels of vitamins, minerals, fats, protein, fiber, and other nutrients.
Frequently asked questions about skin and coat supplements for dogs, how they affect your dog's skin, and which ones to use are answered.
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