Stink Free Urine Odor Remover
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Stink Free Urine Odor Removers

Stink Free Urine Odor Removers
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Remove pet urine odor & stains permanently
Ready-to-apply solutions require no premixing
Professional strength formulas prevent re-marking

Stop urine odor with a vengeance! These aggressive, multi-functional (non-enzyme) formulas work instantly on contact. Stink Free eliminates both the odor and its source through the process of oxidation, which breaks down and changes chemical compounds into odorless and inert substances. Stink Free works for all urine odors and is powerful, fast acting nontoxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable.

Choose from Stink Free Instantly for instant removal of stains and odors on pet bedding, low-pile carpets, and other fabric surfaces. Use Stink Free Deep Clean to penetrate deep down into thick carpets and heavily soiled surfaces. Stink Free Hard Floor is a trigger spray ideal for sealed wood, vinyl, ceramic, marble, travertine, concrete, cork, and laminate surfaces.

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More Info
Stink Free Instantly

The oxidation process used in this product is completely non-toxic. (It is the same proven odor-control process used by government and industry for treatment of odors in water treatment, waste water treatment, food processing, and more applications.) This formula completely eliminates odors, and it changes the chemical compounds in urine into odorless, inert substances. This process is augmented and reinforced with an integrated system of odor neutralizers and counteractants for a powerful multi-functional formula that ensure successful deodorization under any conditions.

Important. Check material for color fastness before applying. Do not use if material is not color fast.

  1. Completely saturate the entire contaminated area and let dry.
  2. For thick materials, such as carpets, saturate an area wider than the surface stain. (Urine is absorbed both horizontally and vertically, in a pyramid-like pattern (see illustration) which makes the contaminated area below the surface larger than the surface stain.

Stink Free Deep Clean


  1. IMPORTANT! Remove any solid residue and blot up excess moisture. Check for color fastness. If carpet is not colorfast, do not use.
  2. COMPLETELY saturate the contaminated area. (NOTE: For urine contamination, saturate an area much larger than the surface stain because urine is absorbed both horizontally and vertically in a pyramid-like pattern that makes the contaminated area below the surface larger than the surface stain.) Wait 4-5 minutes for solution to break down the contamination. Be patient.
  3. Using a soft clean white cloth, vigorously rub the area into a foam, then blot up. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times until stain and contamination have been removed.
  4. For urine contamination, completely re-saturate the area to provide additional solution to break down, separate and lift up any remaining residual contamination. Wait 2 to 3 minutes, blot HARD and then let air dry. DONE!

Recommended Practice for Best Results
After the stain and odor have been removed and the area is completely dry, wipe down the area with clean water to remove surface cleaning agents. If surface cleaning agents are not removed, they will continue to work (cleaning the bottoms of feet and shoes) and the area will become re-soiled more easily. This is an advisable practice with any cleaning solution.

Stink Free Hard Floor


  1. Blot up excess moisture with a paper towel. Sweep floor.
  2. Spray cleaner on floor and wipe with a microfiber wet/dry mop. For best results, spot treat any heavily soiled area. Do not use on floors with wax finish. Avoid contact with skin and eyes and use necessary precautions in unvented areas.
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