Odor Crystals
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Odor Crystals

Odor Crystals
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Nature's ionic air purifier
Volcanic crystals absorb odors
Refresh powers by placing in direct sunlight

Environmentally Friendly Product Remove even the strongest odors - like magic. These odor eliminators contain no perfumes or chemical cover-ups, just all-natural volcanic ingredients in crystal form. Hang a bag in any room odors are a problem, like near a litter box, and the room will soon be odor free. Renew each bag's odor-fighting power by placing in direct sunlight every 8 months. Large rooms or stronger odors may require more than one bag. Use one bag for every two pets in household. Lifetime guarantee.

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Directions: Remove cellophane and place one bag in the room with your pet's litter box to absorb those escaping litter box odors. If there are more than two pets, a second bag is recommended. This product may be regenerated for many years by:
  1. Every 8-10 months place bag outside in the sun for 6-8 hours.

Ingredients: 100% All Natural Nontoxic Volcanic Minerals.

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