Stain & Odor Removers: Nature's Miracle Cleaners
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Nature's Miracle Cleaners

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Nature's Miracle Cleaners
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Eliminate your toughest pet stains and odors from your entire home
Powerful bio-enzymes penetrate, break up, and eliminate pet stains for permanent removal
Three formulas keep your floors, carpet, and laundry clean and fresh

Made in the USA Attack stains, odors and allergens at their source with these powerful formulas. Each penetrates, breaks up, and removes stains and odors permanently. Also denatures pet allergens. Ideal for removing stains and odors caused by urine, feces, vomit, grease, oil, fats, and other organic messes. Safe for use around children and pets, and no rinsing required.

Use the Hard Floor Cleaner on wood, tile, brick, vinyl, linoleum, and concrete. Use deep cleaning Carpet Shampoo alone, or with any water-based carpet cleaning machine. Penetrates deep into fibers to remove new and old stains, allergens, and odors. Use Laundry Boost in every load of laundry for stain and odor boosting power. Ideal for washing pet beds, mats, pads, pet clothing, or any washable upholstery surfaces with pet soils. Fresh citrus scent in Hard Floor Cleaner. Carpet Cleaner available in fresh citrus or tropical bloom scent. Laundry Boost is unscented.

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Hard Floor Cleaner


  1. Shake well.
  2. Remove excess solid or liquid waste.
  3. Before using, test floor surface by applying to a hidden area; wipe with a cloth. If floor surface finish is removed, do not use.
  4. Always use Nature's Miracle at full strength.
  5. Apply to stained area, wipe dry, and repeat if necessary.
  6. No need to rinse. Do not use on visibly worn, unsealed, or unfinished floors.

Water, Natural Odor Control Agents, Cleaning Agents (Non-ionic & Anionic Surfactants), Bacterial Spores, and Fragrance.

Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo


  1. Vacuum area thoroughly.
  2. Before using, test on a small, inconspicuous area. Examine when dry. If color is affected, do no use. Not recommended for use on velvet, silk, vinyl, leather upholstery or 100% cotton upholstery.
  3. Shake bottle well.
  4. Use Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo according to machine instructions.
  5. Clean carpet and upholstery following machine user's guide.

Fresh Citrus Carpet Shampoo Ingredients
Water, Natural Odor Control Agents, Cleaning Agents (Low Foaming Surfactants), Bio-Enzymatic Spores, and Fragrance.

Tropical Bloom Carpet Shampoo Ingredients
Cleaning Agents (low-foaming surfactants), Nature's Bio-Enzymatic Formula, and Fragrance.

Laundry Boost

For laundry only. Test in an inconspicuous area first. Always follow manufacturer's guidelines for the item being cleaned. Simply add ¼ cup per laundry load along with detergent. For heavy duty stains and odors, use ½ cup per laundry load. Works in both hot and cold temperatures. For pretreating stains, test in an inconspicuous area. Pour laundry boost directly onto stain and rub gently. Wait 5 minutes, then wash per above instructions. Not recommended for use on washable silk, wool, or dry-clean only fabrics.

Water, Natural Odor Control Agents, Cleaning Agents (Low-Foaming Surfactants), Bio-Enzymatic Spores, and Fragrance.

Note: Do not apply any of these formulas directly on animal.

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