FURminator Vacuum Accessory
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FURminator® Vacuum Accessory

 FURminator® Vacuum Accessory
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Use this accessory along with a FURminator deShedding tool to remove loose hair and vacuum it away before it reaches floors and furniture
Adds vacuum suctioning power to deshedding to make loose hair disappear fast!
Fits all vacuum brands and is compatible with S, M, and L sizes of FURminator

Now you can de-shed your pet's coat AND vacuum away the removed hair in one easy step. Simply attach your FURminator deShedding tool to this FURminator Vacuum Accessory using the blue Velcro® strap. Then attach the hose from your vacuum cleaner to the end of the accessory. It's that easy. You'll de-shed your pet and vacuum away the hair before it has a chance to fall onto floors and furniture. Plastic tool is compatible with S, M, and L sizes of FURminator Dog and Cat deShedding tools and fits all vacuum brands.

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VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

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How to Use
Once you have your FURminator tool securely strapped to the accessory and the vacuum hose firmly attached, you are ready to add vacuum power. Use short firm strokes to remove the loose undercoat. After the edge has accumulated some loose hair, press the FURejector button and watch the hair disappear.

For the small and medium size FURminator tools, use the adapter labeled "small/medium". With the large size FURminator tool, use the adapter labeled "large". To change the tool size adapters, grip the body of the attachment in one hand and the tool adapter in the other hand and pull firmly. The two pieces will easily separate and the different size adapter can be attached.

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