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Stink-Free Stick-On Deodorizers

Stink-Free Stick-On Deodorizers
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Attract, trap, and destroy everyday cat odors with powerful deodorizers
Odor control perfect for litter box area or where cat odors are a problem
Choose from two powerful odor-busting tools: solid or stick-on

Continuous odor control keeps litter-box odors from permeating your home. NOT just a temporary cover up, Stink-Free Stick-On Deodorizers contain an integrated system of odor neutralizers that attract odors out of the air like a magnet, then block and destroy them.

Designed specifically for use on your pet's litter box, Stink-Free Stick-On Deodorizers leave behind a gentle, pleasant fragrance. Simply attach to the side or inside the hood of your pet's litter box for up to 30 days of odor control. Attached adhesive strip lets you quickly, easily affix Stick-On Deodorizer to litter box surface. Citrus Breeze scent.

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Eliminates litter box odors before they contaminate the entire house.


  1. Hold base and twist counterclockwise to open.
  2. Adjust to desired strength.
  3. Peel paper from adhesive and attach to the side of litter box.
With Open Litter Boxes: Attach to the outside of the litter box or a wall next to the litter box. For best results in an open area, attach to the side of the litter box closest to the source of fresh air.

With Covered Litter Boxes: Attach inside to the center of the litter box hood.

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