Pet Odor Control: NilOdor Automatic Aerosol Dispensing System
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NilOdor Automatic Aerosol Dispensing System

NilOdor Automatic Aerosol Dispensing System
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Subtle scents envelop and refresh any room!
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Rid your home of smelly pet odors - before the guests arrive
Dispenses fragrance automatically - you choose the scent
Kit includes dispenser and two refills

Designer deodorizer dispenses a neutralizing fragrance automatically every 7.5, 15, or 30 minutes. Allows for 24-hour odor protection. Low-battery and low-spray light indicates when it's time to refill. Operates on two D-cell batteries, not included. Kit includes dispenser with gray faceplate and two refills of any one scent. Please specify scent. Perfect for multi-pet homes, pet stores, kennels, and clinics.

Scents: Apple Pie, Baby Powder, Linen, or Lavender.

These wall-mounted units feature an on/off switch, plus a low battery and a low spray indicator light. Operates on two D-cell batteries (not included). White/Gray color.

Please click on "More Information" for mounting and operating instructions.

More Info

This Automatic Aerosol Dispenser will dispense your favorite fragrance and control odors in any room around-the-clock. Simply dial in your preferred spray settings 7.5, 15, or 30 minutes and the dispenser will continue to provide freshness for up to 30 days.

Mounting Instructions:

  1. Select area to mount dispenser. We recommend mounting dispenser a minimum of 7 feet above the floor. Do not install directly over any food handling or dispensing area.
  2. Hold dispenser in position on wall and mark area through the mounting holes with a pen or pencil.
  3. Remove the dispenser and drill holes.
  4. Insert screw anchors and affix dispenser to the wall.
  5. Make sure dispenser is securely mounted on the wall.

Operating Instructions:

  1. Insert two "D" size alkaline batteries (not included).
  2. Switch to desired spray interval (7.5, 15, or 30 minutes) (Day only or 24 hour).
  3. Insert aerosol can in dispenser making sure actuator is under plunger and valve opening faces front.
  4. Close cover to automatically activate unit. Using any other spray container may damage the unit and void warranty.
  5. Spray aerosol by pressing test button to ensure proper discharge of contents.
  6. Do not allow spray to contact plastic, painted, or varnished surfaces.
  7. Do not remove aerosol can for more than 60 seconds if can is not empty or spray counting will be automatically reset. If can is empty the aerosol can may be replaced before or after 60 seconds.
  8. Battery changing process when can is not empty must be completed within 60 seconds or spray counting will be automatically reset.

Information and Indications:

  1. Unit on: Yellow light will turn on for 2 seconds only (ensure can is inserted and cover is closed)
  2. Can empty: Yellow light flashing
  3. Batteries low: Red light flashing
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