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Plaid Silk Collars & Leads

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Plaid Silk Collars & Leads
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Color: Blue/Green
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Color: Blue/Green
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Color: Lavender
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Shimmery silk dog collars and leads in sassy plaid complement any coat
Lightweight collars and leads offer 3-layer strength and skin-protecting softness
Adjustable collars feature contoured plastic clip-style buckle and metal D-ring
6- and 4-ft leads include a heavy-duty metal swivel clasp

The little luxuries in life make all the difference, like these shimmery silk dog collars and leads in sassy plaid that complements any coat. Don't let their good looks fool you - these lightweight collars and leads offer 3-layer STRENGTH, with silk fabric surrounding high-tensile interior webbing. Plus, the soft silk protects your pet's delicate skin from irritation and abrasion.

3/8"- and 1/2"-wide Plaid Silk Collars contain cotton interior webbing, 3/4"-wide collars contain lightweight polypropylene interior webbing, and 1"-wide collars contain heavyweight polypropylene interior webbing. All Plaid Silk Collars feature a contoured plastic clip-style buckle and plastic adjustment slide for creating the perfect fit. These comfy collars for dogs also feature a thick, welded, silver-tone D-ring.

Pair your Plaid Silk Collar with a matching Plaid Silk Lead for strong, stylish control of your dog. Choose a 6 ft or 4 ft lead, both with a heavy-duty, silver-tone metal swivel clasp to help ensure a secure collar connection. 6 ft leads, in ½" and ¾" widths, contain lightweight polypropylene interior webbing; 4 ft lead, in 1" width only, contains heavyweight polypropylene interior webbing.

Plaid Silk Collars & Leads are machine washable for easy care. Please specify Lavender Plaid or Blue/Green Plaid (all colors not available in all sizes/styles).

Measure your dog's neck circumference at its highest point. This neck measurement is the collar size.

Collar Width
For Necks
5 - 9"
8 -12"

Lead sizing:

6 ft
6 ft
4 ft
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Please click on "More Information" for dog collar care and usage instructions.

More Info

Care Instructions
Machine- or hand-wash your collar or lead when soiled, then tumble or line-dry. Or, spot clean with a pet-formulated stain/spot remover such as CleanAway (item #22032). Simply spritz CleanAway on the collar, and allow its enzymes and "good" bacteria to digest the stain and odor until it is gone permanently.

Introducing your dog or puppy to a collar and lead
Taking the time to properly introduce your puppy to the collar and lead sets the stage for teaching your puppy the basic elements of obedience. The goal is to have your puppy accept a collar and lead calmly, without resistance. Collars should be introduced to your puppy right away. Don't be concerned if he initially scratches at it or shakes his head. Though he may resist wearing a collar, soon he won't even notice it's on.

A collar should rest high on your pet's neck without fitting too loosely. It should be snug with enough room to fit two fingers between your pet's neck and collar. For your pet's safety, the collar should not be loose enough to slip over his head, but not so tight as to restrict breathing or cause coughing.

For puppies, collars and leads with lighter hardware (buckles, snaps and rings) are best. When your puppy is done growing, you can replace with heavy-duty hardware if appropriate for your breed. Check collar size frequently on growing puppies.

All pet owners should have a lead for training and restraining that matches collar style. Almost all proper training is centered around having control of your dog. Leads are the only way to maintain close control.

Choose collar and lead width with hardware that matches pet's size. Smaller, lightweight choices are for small dogs, cats, and puppies; wider, more durable styles are for bigger, stronger pets.

Ratings & Reviews
Dog Collar Selection Guide: There are many styles of dog collars to choose from depending on your dog's size, disposition, and your training need.
Introducing your dog to a lead early teaches obedience and will enable both of you to enjoy many outdoor activites together and be out and among people.
Field training aids include collars with up-to-date identification, leads, and check cords. Brightly colored collars help you locate and distinguish between more than one hunting dog while in the field.
Not only are collars indispensable for maintaining control when walking and exercising dog, but they also are very useful for establishing identification and ownership should your pet become lost.
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