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Lupine 1" Wide Designer Adjustable Harnesses

Lupine 1
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Guaranteed, even if chewed
If there's ever a problem, we'll replace it FREE
Super-strong nylon webbing with vibrant colors
Delivers excellent control without strain on neck

Climbing-grade nylon ensures these strong nylon dog harnesses last a lifetime. Featuring attractive and colorful designs that won't lose their vibrancy over time, each is made with the same 2500-lb. test nylon used in mountain-climbing harnesses. Even the stitching is able to withstand a 600-lb. tension test.

Features an elongated sternum strap for a better fit and adjustability, providing excellent control without restricting pet's air passage. (Measure around chest to determine size.)

Make sure to look for the leads and collars available in matching patterns. Please specify color style.

Coordinate your dog's collar or harness with a matching Lupine Pattern ID Tag.

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Care Instructions
Hand wash your collar when soiled, or spot clean with a pet-formulated stain/spot remover such as CleanAway. Simply spritz CleanAway on the collar, and allow its enzymes and "good" bacteria to digest the stain and odor until it is gone permanently.
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