Nail Clipping: Quick Finder Deluxe Dog Nail Clipper at Drs. Foster and Smith
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Deluxe Quick Finder Pet Nail Clippers

Deluxe Quick Finder Pet Nail Clippers
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Dog nail clipper senses the quick in the nail to show where it's safe to clip
No guessing on your part, just safe pain-free nail clipping every time
Clipper features stainless steel blades and ergonomic, non-slip handle

Convenient, easy-to-use pet nail clippers use QuickSensor™ technology to show you exactly where it's safe to clip! Clippers' advanced design senses your dog's quick, so you can avoid a clip that will cause pain and bleeding. A red light appears when you're within the quick, yellow when you're on the border, and a green light appears when you've cleared your dog's quick, eliminating guessing and pain. Non-slip handle. Stainless steel blades. Each Quick Finder Pet Nail Clipper requires two button-cell batteries (included).

Deluxe Quick Finder
Large dogs, dogs with very hard nails, dogs with dark nails
5.5" x 2.5" x 1" high
Small Dog Quick Finder
Dogs up to 40 lbs
5.5" x 3" x 1-3/8" high
Medium Dog Quick Finder
Dogs 40-75 lbs
5.75" x 3" x 1-3/8" high

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More Info
How to use the Quick Finder Pet Nail Clippers
Step 1: Keeping nails, fingers, and paws away from the clipper sensor and cutting blades, turn the clipper on by pushing and releasing the power button. When the unit is turned on, the YELLOW light will blink on the frosted signal strip and will continue to blink for several seconds. When the unit has self-calibrated (the sensor has readied itself), the YELLOW light will turn off and only the RED light will remain on. Then release the safety latch. If you release the safety latch before powering on the unit, the unit will not calibrate properly. The Quick Finder is now ready to begin clipping your pet's nails.

Step 2: With sensor ready to read the quick and with the sensor facing the paw, insert nail tip through cutting blades. Be sure the nail is positioned toward the sensor. The clipper and sensor are designed to operate correctly when the cutting blades are at a right angle to the nail. Keep the nail at a right angle to the clipper blades throughout the process. The sensor registers blood in the quick, but will also register blood in your pet's paw or in your own finger. It is important to be sure only the quick in your pet's nail is being detected and not the blood from your hand or your pet's paw. Be sure to keep the paw and your hand and fingers away from the sensor.

Step 3: With the tip of the nail inserted through the cutting blades, move the clipper toward the paw to the base of the nail. The light will remain RED even after it has detected the quick. Once the Quick Finder has detected the quick at the base of the nail, begin moving cutting blades back toward tip of nail until the frosted signal strip illuminates GREEN indicating you have cleared the quick and it is safe to cut. (The YELLOW light may briefly illuminate as the blade and sensor approach the area of the nail near the quick. It is NOT safe to clip when YELLOW or RED lights are on.)

Step 4: While maintaining position and angle of clipper, squeeze handles together in firm swift motion to avoid crushing nail. It is normal for GREEN light to turn off at end of clipping action after blade has cut through nail.

If RED light stays on, power off device and restart clipping process (Step 1).

The Quick Finder will automatically turn off in open position (handles not depressed).

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