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FURminator® deShedding Tool

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 FURminator® deShedding Tool
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Revolutionary FURminator now comes in either long-coat or short-coat edges
Remove handfuls of loose pet hair and undercoat in minutes for a healthier coat
Premium stainless steel teeth reduce shedding problems better than any other grooming tool

The grooming tool that keeps pet hair off your furniture better than any other tool can now be customized to your pet's coat length. FURminator now comes with your choice of a long-hair or short-hair edge. Long hair blades have 1/4" tines ideal for fur longer than 2". Short hair blades have smaller, 1/8" tines for coats less than 2" long. FURminator still has its signature FURejector button that releases hair from the stainless steel edge at the push of a button, so you can groom in less time than ever before. It is also still guaranteed to remove loose hair and undercoat without damaging your dog's gorgeous topcoat. Reduces shedding up to 90%!

Patented stainless steel edge now comes in 5 sizes to address the needs of any dog. Fine-toothed, precision stainless-steel edges and ergonomic-grip handle make this de-shedding tool the preferred grooming tool among pet professionals everywhere. FURminator's plastic handle is also specially treated to provide anti-microbial product protection that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. FURminator also helps bring out natural oils in your pet's skin, leaving a shiny coat on long- and short-haired dogs. PLUS, pets LOVE the feel of being groomed with this tool!

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Up to 10 lbs
11-20 lbs
21-50 lbs
51-90 lbs
Over 90 lbs

FURminator® Adjustable deMatter also available!

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Direction for Use

For best results, we recommend de-shedding your pet immediately after washing and drying. Use only a completely dry coat. Before using this de-shedding tool, perform a complete physical inspection of your pet. If you see tangles or matting in his coat, take him to a grooming salon for professional treatment before using this tool. Look for sores, bruises, and skin conditions, which may be concealed by his coat. If your pet has any of these conditions, seek treatment from a veterinarian before brushing.

Use the de-shedding tool much like a brush and gently stroke across the pet's coat in the direction of hair growth, angling the stainless steel teeth of the de-shedding edge toward the coat. Start from the head and work your way back, using extra care near the pet's stomach, legs, genitals, and anus. Avoid making excessive strokes in a single area, and instead use long, gentle strokes up and away from your pet's skin. Deep or rough brushing can cause your pet's skin to become red and irritated, so do not apply too much weight or downward pressure. If you notice any redness or irritation, discontinue use.

Remove excess hair from the teeth of the de-shedding tool as you work by pushing the FURejector button.

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