Dog Training: Control Ease Training Clicker at Drs. Foster and Smith
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Control Ease Training Clicker

Control Ease Training Clicker
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Hand-held dog training clicker offers a positive way to train basic commands
A simple click offers positive reinforcement after your dog displays desired behavior
Delivers the ideal pitch and offers an economical, positive and safe way to train your dog

Use this hand-held clicker for easy, effective training sessions with your dog. The clicker releases the ideal pitch to acknowledge and reinforce desired behaviors by your pet. After giving a verbal command, reward your dog's correct response immediately with a click, a small treat, and praise. Simply push the button to sound the click. Eventually, you can start using fewer treats, for a click and/or verbal command will be all that is needed for your pet to respond positively to your commands. Includes wrist strap and training guide. 2.5" x 1.25" x 1.5"

Please click on "More Information" for training tips.

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Training Tips
Your Training Clicker includes a training guide that provides clear, concise steps for teaching your dog to sit, walk on a loose leash, lay down, heel, come when called, and release a retrieved toy.

Initial Training sessions should be no more than 5-10 minutes, especially for young dogs. As your dog progresses and learn more commands, extend the training time. Always make training fun. Never use harsh punishments. It will only confuse your dog and could create unwanted behavior.

When teaching your dog a new task, start with small steps. A correct response is recognized with an immediate click, a small treat, and praise. It is important to click immediately so you dog knows you are rewarding him for the task he just completed. The treat is used as reinforcement, along with a verbal acknowledgement. Eventually, the frequency you treat your dog will be reduced. At this point, a click and/or verbal command will be enough for your dog to respond positively to your commands.

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