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PetSafe® Collarless Ultrasonic Remote Trainer

PetSafe® Collarless Ultrasonic Remote Trainer
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Train your pet with ultrasonic tone - no electronic collars needed!
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Reward or correct your pet's behavior using this ultrasonic training system
Handheld trainer uses positive and negatives tones - no receiver collar
30 ft range makes it ideal for correcting unwanted behavior caught at close range

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Utilize sound, not electronic stimulus, to correct and reward your pet. Unlike electronic collar systems, this ultrasonic trainer works by using high-frequency tones, which are inaudible to most humans. The system's handheld trainer puts you in control by letting you administer a positive (pleasant) ultrasonic tone to reinforce good behavior or a negative (unpleasant) ultrasonic tone to redirect and correct your pet's unwanted behavior.

Ideal for correcting behaviors like digging, jumping, or excessive scratching or vocalizing, but also is ideal for giving positive reinforcement when you catch your pet displaying good behavior. Since tones are inaudible to most humans, it won't disturb neighbors or nearby humans.

Buttons on the handheld transmitter are easy to read (N for negative tone, P for positive tone). The system has an effective range of up to 30 ft, so is ideal for correcting or reinforcing behaviors you witness in close proximity to your pet. Includes complete training instructions. Requires one 9V alkaline battery, not included.

When using this trainer, it is recommended that you teach one obedience command at a time, or eliminate one problem behavior at a time.

Downloadable Trainer Manual PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free.)

Please click on "More Information" for general use and maintenance tips.

More Info
General Description
The Ultrasonic Pet Trainer is a small hand-held ultrasonic and audible training device. It is designed to assist you with obedience training and the behavior modification of your dog or cat by taking advantage of the sensitive hearing of your pet in the ultrasonic frequency range. This small battery operated unit is simple to operate, utilizing a "correction" button and a "positive sound" button. The correction button activates the ultrasonic sound, which is more startling to your pet than yelling or a firm voice command. The positive sound button activates an audible "good dog" sound, which will help your pet understand that it is behaving in a manner that is acceptable to you. This training device will not disturb your neighbors or other nearby humans.

The Ultrasonic Pet Trainer was designed to eliminate those dog or cat misbehaviors that are exhibited in close proximity to the pet owner (within 30 ft). These misbehaviors can include any the following:

Dog misbehaviors:

  • Jumping on people or furniture
  • Excessive barking
  • Digging holes in inappropriate areas
  • Scratching on doors
  • Excessive licking, chewing or scratching of body parts
  • Chewing on inappropriate items
  • Jumping from place to place while in a car
  • Not responding to obedience commands

Cat misbehaviors:

  • Getting on furniture
  • Scratching furniture
  • Excessive meowing
  • Excessive licking, chewing or scratching of body parts
  • Chewing inappropriate items

Do not use this training device in an attempt to correct, repel, or eliminate any form of aggressive or biting behavior.

Operating and Maintenance Instructions
You will achieve the best results if you use the Ultrasonic Pet Trainer for training within a range of up to 30 ft. It is not necessary to point the device at your pet, but for optimal results it is recommended.

  • To activate the correction sound, push and hold the button labeled "N".
  • To activate the positive sound, push and hold the button labeled "P".

The Ultrasonic Pet Trainer is designed for long life and reliable operation. Proper maintenance will also help prolong its life and durability. The unit is powered by one 9-volt battery. Note: Use only 9 volt battery. Do not use a carbon-zinc or rechargeable NiCad battery. The battery is easily accessible by removing the panel on the back of the trainer.

Under typical training conditions, this battery should last up to one year. Due to varying shelf life of batteries, it is recommended that the battery be replaced on an annual basis to help maintain optimal operation. The unit should be stored in a dry place at room temperature.

Caution Statements
NEVER place the trainer directly next to any pet's ear or your ear. The high intensity ultrasonic sound could be harmful to an animal's ear or a human's ear, in the same manner as any loud audible sound would be if held directly against your ear.

Do not drop unit. Dropping unit may result in damage to transmitter. Never push the correction button for more than two consecutive seconds. The ultrasonic pet trainer is designed to assist in the training of dogs and cats only. It is not intended as a defensive or protective device against any vicious or aggressive animal.

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