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Two-Dog Nylon Walking System

Two-Dog Nylon Walking System
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Color: Black
Color: Black
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Adjustable leash lets you walk and control 2 different-size dogs
Swivel design prevents tangled leashes when walking your dogs
Separate leashes allows each dog to walk at a comfortable pace

Enjoy a safer, better way to walk two dogs at once! The Two Dog Nylon Walking System is a clever dog leash with two leads and one handle. Each lead is adjustable so you can comfortably walk two dogs at the same time - even different size dogs.

The Two Dog Nylon Walking System features a stainless steel swivel coupler that allows leads to move independently. Tangle-free leash design puts you in control so you can correct each dog individually when necessary. Keep walks fun and safe by eliminating clumsy juggling of two dog leashes.

The Two Dog Nylon Walking System is the perfect leash for two-dog families. Purchase multiple leads for multiple dog households or to have an extra on hand. Available in 5/8" or 1" widths, Black. Both leashes are 4 ft long, including the handle. Nickel-plated swivel bolt snap for quick, easy attachment to your dog's collar.

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Instructions: Estimate and adjust individual lead lengths. Attach the snap to the D-ring on each of the dog's collars or harnesses.

General Information

Advantages of Coastal Pet Products Two Dog Nylon Walking System over other leads:

  • Two different size dogs can easily be walked together with this two dog walking system.
  • Swivel design allows dogs to walk over and under without tangling.
  • Pet owners can control and correct each dog when needed.
  • Separate, adjustable leads allow each dog individual mobility.
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