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Walk 'n Train® Head Halter

Walk 'n Train® Head Halter
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Head halter eliminates pulling to help make walks with your dog much more enjoyable
Training head collar made of polyester webbing works on the pressure and release principle to train your dog not to pull
Comfortable training halter offers fast, gentle, and effective control

Walk comfortably without your dog pulling at the leash! Unique design of this halter fits like a collar, but works like a no-pull head halter by guiding the head - and where the head goes, the body follows. Canine mothers often teach their pups rudimentary canine behavior by using their mouths to direct the head and snout of the puppy. This collar works on that same simple principle. When the dog pulls, he receives gentle pressure at his snout, signaling, "no, don't pull" and gets an immediate reward when he stops pulling because the collar automatically releases.

Constructed of quick-dry polyester webbing, the Walk 'n Train Head Halter features a collar-like closed design, as well as a safety strap to attach to regular collar for added security. Heavy-duty quick-clip fasteners make short work of putting on and removing halter. Additionally, noseband is padded at top for comfort and has side straps to keep noseband from riding up and irritating the eyes. Collar fits comfortably enough to allow panting and drinking water.

Easy instruction tabs on collar make it a snap to fit the first time and putting on the halter will soon become second nature for you and your dog! With consistency, following directions carefully, and heeding the helpful tips, your dog will be walking happily by your side in no time.

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Suggested breeds
X- Small (0)
Papillions, Yorkshire Terriers
Small (1)
Miniature Schnauzers, Shelties
Medium (2)
Cocker Spaniels, Collies
Large (3)
15" - 20"
Boxers, German Shepherds
X-Large (4)
Great Danes, Rottweilers
XX-Large (5)
Bloodhound, Saint Bernard

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Please click on "More Information" for fitting the head halter, why head halters work, and helpful tips.

More Info
How to fit
  1. Hold in both hands with buckle facing you.
  2. Unfasten neck strap buckle and cam lock.
  3. Guide dog's nose through place on collar marked, "Tab 1".
  4. Adjust neck strap (marked "Tab 2"), fitting it to the dog.
  5. Adjust cam lock if needed.
  6. Attach safety strap to D-ring on dog's collar (marked "Tab 3").
  7. Attach leash to O-ring below cam lock.

Adjust or tighten the cam lock as needed. Side straps keep the noseband from slipping off or riding up and irritating delicate eye tissue. The neck strap should not be too low on the neck or too loose. Your dog's mouth should open easily to pant and drink water.

How the Walk 'n Train Head Halter works
The design and construction of the Walk 'n Train Head Halter is based on the study of dog behavior. Mother dogs often use pressure on their pup's nose as a means of communication. Likewise, the head halter is designed to apply soft pressure to the bridge of the dog's nose and encourage compliance naturally.

This halter works on the same concept as a horse halter. By gently guiding the head, the body will easily follow. The side straps ensure comfort while the O-ring provides the perfect fit.

The Walk 'n Train Head Halter keeps your dog from pulling because it is self-correcting. By controlling forward movement through re-directing the head, it eliminates pulling with very little effort. Dog walking will become a relaxing way to spend quality time with your pet.

Helpful Tips
  • Some dogs will accept a head halter with little or no complaint, while others need to learn to wear one gradually.
  • For best results, take time to create a positive experience by letting your dog wear it for a few minutes at a time.
  • If your dog attempts to remove it, create a distraction by offering a toy or treat. This is called re-direction.
  • Avoid removing the head halter whenever the dog tries to get it off. Instead, wait until you have successfully re-directed your dog.
  • For safety, never leave your pet unattended while wearing the head halter.
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