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Drs. Foster & Smith Pee-Stop

Drs. Foster & Smith Pee-Stop
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All-natural ingredients, including cloves
Safe and ready to use non-aerosol spray
Contains no harsh chemicals
Made in the USA

Stop your pets from marking or re-marking with their urine. This all-natural spray is repellent to dogs and cats, yet has a pleasant odor for you. It helps to stop the urine-marking cycle to allow you to retrain your pet to urinate in appropriate areas. Pee-Stop is a specially formulated blend of herbal extracts and fragrances. Just spray on areas your pet has soiled before, and the odor will keep them from re-soiling. Although harmless to water-safe surfaces, always test an inconspicuous area for colorfastness before using. Non-aerosol spray. Can be used indoors or outdoors and on dog or cat urine. Do not spray directly on pets.

Product will not be affected by freezing. Please thaw at room temperature. Made in the USA.

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Contents: Water, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Fragrance, Cloves.

Directions: Clean soiled area thoroughly (no ammonia) then spray with Pee-Stop. Repeat if necessary. Test on a small inconspicuous area of surface before using. Not for use directly on pets.

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Do not take internally. Use only as directed.

Doctors Foster and Smith Pee-Stop is a training aid, but occasionally a few pets are very persistent. If a serious problem persists, we suggest discussing it with your veterinarian.

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Housetraining your new puppy involves a little patience and encouragment from you to use the piddle pads in a designated area indoors, or outside in an area you have chosen for him/her to relieve themselves.
A housetraining checklist should include items needed for training your pup to go potty indoors or outdoors in designated areas and training motivators like treats for rewards.
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